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NTEK - NanoTech Entertainment Inc - OTC

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Saw this one on a scan for 50 day moving averaging crossing the 200 day moving average.  I guess it is up on news that released yesterday.





Could get some momentum from the break of the 200 day and cross over of the 50 day.   I may toss a few bucks at it for a little pop,  that is if it does not pop and gap up with tomorrow's opening.

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i put a few hundred on it today,  not going to hold it very long,  just long enough sell for a profit.  smile.gif

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Surprised no one has been watching this over the last couple months. Good potential for some strong runs for the summer.
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still holding my shares from when I purchased back in march

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I keep smilling on a daily basis.  :)

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nice tj!

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I like to buy this one when it dips then sell when it gets to its' high point.  So far it's been a nice money maker.

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Up 19% so far today!

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Ended the day at .123, up 53.75%!  What a fun day.  At what point do you think this one will stop going up?

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ive been in this stock since .03 and its easily a $1 stock

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I would not go that far.  Saying that this company is a dollar stock is a bit too far,  considering that it was just sub penny not to long ago.   Please do not begin pumping this company on this site.  because after pumps comes a dump.   If you continue,  I will have no choice but to have your posts deleted.  Please offer more in this thread than the typical, "she's going to the moon" type of stuff.  This is not Investors hub,  or any of the other scam sites. I played this one based solely on its chart set up at the time.  After seeing the PPS rise as much as it has in a short time,  I will probably sell since the pump has already begun.

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tjatlking, what do you think about it now?  After last Friday's big jump (you are right, it was probably being pumped) and the dump coming the following Monday, it seems to have stabilized.  Yesterday it opened at .083 and closed at 1.0.  Is it safe to go back in the water or do you think it's still too volatile?  I'm thinking about getting back in if it either dips and starts to jump back up (like it did yesterday and Wednesday) or if it starts to show a slow but steady climb as it was doing before last Friday.

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I was able to sell half of my shares for three times my initial investment.  I will hold the remaining half for a little while longer.


If the PPS goes above .14,  I will let my shares ride,  If the price falls below the 50 day moving average,  Then I will buy a few more back.





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got a starter position in this yesterday. ready to ride this upward trend. great news out the last two days...this is as close to a "growth stock" in penny land that i've seen in a while.

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I am still holding half of my shares on this one.  After seeing that she has found support at .10 and seeing the chart,  I think it is time to acquire a little more.   More movement to the upside is just around the corner.


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