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Is there any news expected on this one?
are you still high on this stock?

current at .48 is that a good buy price? or do you think there is more down side yet?

Gold is down again today right now so I think there maybe be more downside today, do you agree?
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I bought in a couple months ago at .49 and it was a great little safe ride.
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* Albemarle Guangzhou Office
* Albermarle Corporation
* AMR Technologies Inc
* ANSTO Minerals
* Arafura Resources
* As Silmet
* Baotou Huamei Rare Earth Products Co., Ltd
* Baotou Jinmeng Rare Earth Incorporated Company
* Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth
* Baotou National RareEarth Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
* Carnegie Mellon University
* China Metallurgical I/E Guangdong Company
* China Minmetals Non-Ferrous Metal Co Ltd
* China Rare Earth Information Centre (CREIC)
* C & L Development Corp
* Elkem Beijing Representative Office
* Elkem Bjolvefossen as
* Engelhard Asia Pacific
* Ferro Electronic Materials
* Ferro Electronic Material Systems
* Grace Holdings GmbH
* Great Western Minerals Group Ltd
* Great Western Technologies Inc
* Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
* Huizhou Southern Rare Earth Material Co Ltd
* Itochu Corporation
* Indian Rare Earths Ltd
* Industrial Minerals Company of Australia Pty
* Inner Mongolia Ovonic Battery Company
* Jiangxi South Rare Earth Hi-tech Co Ltd
* Johnson Matthey Catalysts
* Jmet Corporation
* Lynas Corporation
* Magnequench Inc
* Metall Rare Earth Limited
* Metalysis
* Molycorp Inc
* Pacific Industrial Development Corporation
* Pentart Industrial Ltd
* Philips Lighting B.V.
* Rhodia Electronics & Catalysis
* Scandmetal International SA
* Shanghai Juntai International Trading Co Ltd
* Solikamsk Magnesium Works
* Tianjiao International Trading Company (USA)
* Treibacher Industrie AG
* W.R. Grace
* Youth Int'l Trade Co Ltd
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Vitamin of Modern Industry

"The Vitamin of modern industry", the rare earth elements have had a unique and important impact on our lives, especially in the industrial age of the twentieth century. This trend is certain to continue in the twenty-first century as research and development efforts uncover new applications for these little known materials in our increasingly high-tech world. The unsaturated 4f electronic structure of rare earth elements makes them have special properties in luminescence, magnetism and electronics, which could be used to develop many new materials such as phosphors, magnetic and magnetostrictive materials, hydrogen storage materials and catalysts.


Rare Earth products are used in glass applications as colorants, stabilizers and UV absorbers. They are also used as modifiers to increase the refractive index and decrease dispersion of high purity glass. Concentrates are used in mirrors, cut crystal glass, TV screens and cathode ray tubes and polishing compounds. Purified compounds are also used as additives to optical, safety, radiation shielding and crystal glass and for lasers, fluorescent lights and opticals.

La-containing glass has high refraction and low scattering, thus being used in lenses for all kinds cameras. Er-containing fiber optics is used to replace the relay stations in the traditional optical transmission, Cerium is used in television glass to absorb UV rays and is added to glass to add or suppress color. Cerium is also used as a polishing agent for production of high performance optical glass such as lenses for digital cameras and telescopes. Nd-containing glass is a wonderful material for lasers. Gd and Y are used to produce special glass.

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Lanthanum, Cerium, Neodymium, Samarium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Erbium, Ytterbium, Lutetium, Scandium


Growth in auto catalysts is very strong in response to legislation on lower emission levels, auto-emission converters will be a must for new vehicles in which rare earth is used as a catalyst, thus lowering the consumption of precious metals in the fields.
Rare Earth catalyst can raise gasoline production by 5% and increase the capacity of the cracking equipment by 20-30%. Rare earth can also be employed in paints drier and thermal stabilizer for plastics and so on..

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Lanthanum, Cerium, Yttrium, Scandium


Rare earth elements are chemically active, so they can remove impurities in iron and steel such as nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and other elements. In addition, they can also modify the morphology of sulfide and graphite so as to refine grains and strengthen matrix of cast iron. Mischmetal widely used in the iron and steel industry and the production of nickel metal hydride batteries, which is widely used in portable electronic equipment with smaller size and longer life span.

Rare Earth alloys such as Sc-Al, Sc-Mg, Y-Al, Y-Mg and Nd-Mn are widely used in metallurgy, acting as strong de-oxidizers and to increase resistance to corrosion at high temperatures.

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Lanthanum, Cerium, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium, Thulium, Scandium, Yttrium


Ceramic powders are necessary ingredients in most engineering ceramics, electronic ceramics and ceramic coatings. With telecommunications being one of the largest ceramic industries, dielectric resonators, ceramic filters and multi-layer capacitors are continually being developed to increase performance. Y2O3 stabilized ZrO2, Nd2O3, La2O3 and Y2O3 are used to make different kinds of advanced ceramics.

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Lanthanum, Cerium, Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Ytterbium, Scandium, Yttrium

Rare Earth Magnets

Between 1997 and 2001 the demand for rare earth permanent magnets grew at 21% per year. Rare earth metals of Neodymium, Dysprosium, Samarium, Terbium and Praseodymium are widely used in the production of permanent magnets of NdFeB, SmCo and SmFeN, which are mainly used in automobile, computer, and telecommunications industries to improve performance and efficiency. One of the largest magnetic applications in the automobile industry is to improve fuel efficiency by saving weight in the motor using these small size magnets.

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Praseodymium, Neodymium, Samarium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Dysprosium

Rare Earth Phosphors

Rare earth compounds are known to emit distinct and different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, the three main phosphor applications using rare earths are color cathode ray tubes, tri-phosphor fluorescent lamps, and x-ray intensifying screens, in which Y2O3 and Eu2O3 of 99.99% pure play a key role, in addition, high purity La2O3, CeO2 and Gd2O3 are used.

Related mostly Rare Earth elements:

Cerium, Europium, Gadolinium, Terbium, Ytterbium, Yttrium

Other applications

Some other promising applications of Rare Earth products include: Lasers, Superconductors, Data storage, Optical fibers, Nuclear uses, Magnetostrictive alloys, Magnetic refrigeration; Cement additive, Paints and coatings, etc.
Magnetic refrigeration now under industrial experiment is a typical example, which is characterized by low cost and pollution free and will cause a revolution in refrigeration industry if commercialized. Giant magnetic resistance material has a capacity potential hundreds of times larger than that of commonly-used information storage elements today. PDP phosphor will help realize thin and large screen for color TV and computer monitor. And fuel cell will provide the final solution for pollution free power sources for electronic products and electric vehicles.
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this one looks like it is getting ready to run. the buy preasure in the level IIs is increasing.
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this is definitely starting a run up to .53 now
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Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.: New President Appointed

09:53 EST Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN--(CCNMatthews - March 15, 2006) - The Board of Directors of Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:GWG) (OTCBB:GWMGF) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that James B. Engdahl has accepted the position of President and CEO of the Company.

Mr. Engdahl has over 20 years experience in corporate finance at the executive level, with extensive expertise in financing mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.

A former Vice President of Barclays Bank of Canada, Jim has also served as President, CEO, and director of Pacific & Western Trust, President and director of Shore Gold Inc., and Vice President Finance and director of Claude Resources Inc., all public companies. More recently, Jim was the Regional Advisory Partner of the corporate finance arm of one of Western Canada's largest accounting firms. This position resulted from the the accounting firm's purchase of Cascadia Ventures Inc., a corporate financing and consulting group responsible for raising project financing in excess of $100 million, of which Jim was the Managing Partner.

Throughout Jim's corporate finance career, he has crossed paths with the mining industry. He was intimately involved in financing two producing gold mines in Saskatchewan and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Formation Capital Inc., a TSE-listed company bringing a cobalt/copper mine into production in the United States.

"Jim's expertise in corporate finance, the global regulatory regime, and specialty metals, will enable Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. to better manage its growth moving forward, as we take the Hoidas Lake rare earth project to feasibility, develop a marketing niche with Great Western Technologies Inc., and significantly advance our other mineral projects", says Gary Billingsley, Chairman. "I am personally pleased to welcome Jim as a member of the senior management team, as it allows me to focus my efforts on specific projects and corporate areas that can benefit from my direct involvement."

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. is a Saskatchewan-based mineral exploration and development company focused on the development of the Hoidas Lake rare earth project in northern Saskatchewan, as well as advancing two copper/gold projects in the southwestern US. The company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Great Western Technologies Inc., owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Troy, Michigan, currently producing advanced materials for the alternate energy market. Great Western Diamonds Corp. (TSXV-"GWD") is the company's 40%-owned subsidiary exploring and developing diamond-bearing kimberlites in Saskatchewan.

Gary L. Billingsley, C.A., P.Eng., P.Geo.



Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.
Gordon Dent
(306) 668-0701
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.
226 Cardinal Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6H8
Email: info@gwmg.ca
Website: www.gwmg.ca

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the foregoing contents.
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Glad to see some discussion around this stock. I'm in at $0.47

Hopefully the summer months bring some good news out of the Hoidas Lake project.
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Organizational Chart

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This one has been in neutral the past month or so. I was very impressed with them at the gold show in Van. I havent taken a position yet as interest still seems to be lacking. But I would say buying at this range is probably going to seem like a great buy somewhere down the road, and as usual buy when nobody else wants it .
Like Warren Buffet said " be greedy when everyone else is fearful , and be fearful when everyone else is greedy".
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I was going to take a position in GWG last week before the quick bounce to $0.55 because, IMO, OBV and A/D suggest very heavy accumulation at these levels. I suppose financing or other shares are coming into the market although I haven't explored further cuz I don't have the ca$h!
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Current Message to Shareholders

Message to Shareholders

Welcome to the GWMG Website!

It is with great pleasure and a good deal of excitement that I post my first Message To Shareholders since being appointed President earlier this month.

The last 6 months has been a time of considerable change for the Great Western group of companies with Great Western Diamonds finally going public and the acquisition of specialty metal manufacturing facilities through Great Western Technologies Inc. This growth has definitely come with some growing pains and we really appreciate everyone s patience as we work through them.

One of the complaints that we have heard and are working hard to rectify is the level of news coming out on the Hoidas Lake rare earth project. Part of the reason for slow news is that every laboratory, engineering firm and contractor in the mining industry is over-worked right now and there are major back-logs in reporting results. On the Hoidas Lake project, we are currently waiting on the first 43-101-compliant Resource Model and Technical Report from Wardrop Engineering, and part of the delay in finalizing the report has been the delay in Wardrop receiving results from check assays submitted to an independent laboratory as part of their due diligence. This first resource report will be based on 70 drill holes at Hoidas and when it is released will already be dated because there are now 92 drill holes in the JAK Zone and related structures! The same types of delays are also being experienced with the on-going metallurgical work-but progress has been steady, albeit slow.

The winter 2005/2006 drill program at Hoidas Lake is now complete with 22 drill holes completed in the JAK Zone and parallel mineralized structures. Most of the drilling was focused on the north section of the JAK Zone where past drilling has shown higher grades and greater vein thickness than elsewhere on the structure. Parallel geophysical anomalies were also drill-tested and verified to be rare-earth-bearing.

Metallurgical work has progressed to the stage where it has been shown possible to separate the rare earth-bearing phosphate mineralization (apatite) from the rare earth-bearing silicate mineralization (allanite). This is an important step in that it provides different options in producing specific products from the Hoidas Lake material.

Work has also been on-going on the Chuckwalla and recently-acquired Copper Hill copper/gold/silver projects in the southwestern US. Drill targets have been selected on the Chuckwalla property and we are currently waiting for approvals of drill permits. Ground geophysics has been completed at Copper Hill and a ground soil geochemistry and mobile metal ion survey is underway.

One of the biggest changes has been the formation of Great Western Technologies Inc., in Michigan, and the acquisition of specialty metals manufacturing assets from Energy Conversion Devices Inc. This facility and the professional team that runs it will play an important roll in the evolution of Great Western Minerals from a mineral exploration company to a fully-integrated supplier of rare earth and specialty metal products. Great Western Diamonds Corp. (of which Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. owns 9.5 million shares) recently announced the appointment of Brent Jellicoe as President and CEO, and I want to welcome Brent to the group. Drilling is underway at Candle Lake and you can visit www.gwdc.ca for details.

I recently returned from the 2nd International Rare Earths Conference in Hong Kong where I had the opportunity to meet most of the major players in the rare earth industry, including potential customers and competitors. The overwhelming feeling at the conference was one of confidence and optimism that there will be tremendous opportunity over the next several years, within the industry, to market a wide variety of products to meet the increasing needs of the alternate energy market. It became clear from the conference that many of the major users of RE products are looking for an alternate supplier to reduce their reliance on China, which currently supplies over 90% of the world s REEs. It will be GWMG s goal to become that fully-integrated supplier through the Hoidas Lake project and through Great Western Technologies Inc.

James Engdahl

March 2006.
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GWG - Sponsor at Hard Assets Investment Conference

To be held in May. Visit the website below for full details
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This one has been a bit of a disappointment to me, although I dont own any I am very surprised that it has been getting sold down here this past month.
After chatting with them at the Van gold show I felt this stock had nothing but upside. But apparently the market has a different view of this company.
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Wardrop Report -43-101 Compliant

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.: Hoidas Lake Technical Report Recommends Proceeding to Prefeasibility/Feasibility

SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN, Mar 28, 2006 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX) --

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:GWG) (OTCBB:GWMGF)

The Company is very pleased to report that it has received the Resource Model and Technical Report on the Hoidas Lake Rare Earth Project from Wardrop Engineering Inc. ("Wardrop"). The report is in compliance with National Instrument 43-101 of the Ontario Securities Commission. The report was, in Wardrop's words, "undertaken for the furtherance of prefeasibility and feasibility studies for an economic recovery of the rare earth and related elements from Hoidas Lake". Wardrop concludes: "It is recommended that the present course of action by Great Western Minerals Group be continued, with a focus on metallurgical work for the development of a suitable product for consumption, by its subsidiary Great Western Technologies".

Resource Estimate

The resource model is based on data from 12 surface trenches and 70 core holes along a zone striking in excess of 700 metres and open at a depth of 125 metres. A number of veins were identified during the geological interpretation and, for the purposes of the Technical Report, were designated JAK zone veins A through H. The resource estimate used ordinary kriging, nearest neighbour, and inverse distance interpolation methods, with the ordinary kriging values used for reporting. Based on preliminary economics generated by the Company, a cut-off grade of 1.5% total rare earth elements ("TREE") was applied for summary reporting purposes. The resource model uses the assay data provided by the Company, but based on their independent check assays Wardrop concludes: "Testing of that data suggests the assay results may be low, which would result in underestimation of the contained units of REEs in the model." The tabulated resource data for the Hoidas Lake JAK Zone as calculated by Wardrop is as follows:

Cut-Off Grade TREE + Y TREO + Y2O3
Category WT.% TREE + Y Tonnes WT.% WT.%
Measured 1.5 123,000 2.466 2.956
Indicated 1.5 430,000 2.305 2.762
Inferred 1.5 812,000 2.039 2.445
Total 1.5 1,365,000 2.163 2.591

- Total Rare Earth Oxide-calculated from TREE for comparison purposes.

For information purposes, using a 0.5% TREE cut-off grade results in an estimate of 1,756,000 tonnes grading 1.931% TREE (2.314%TREO) in all three categories. A 2.0% cut-off grade results in 775,000 tonnes grading 2.463% TREE (2.951% TREO), including 358,000 tonnes grading 2.659% TREE (3.186% TREO) in the measured and indicated resources categories.


The in-house economic model for the Hoidas Lake deposit has always used REE demand in the United States for base case figures. According to the United States Geological Survey the RE industry in the US is estimated in excess of US$1 billion annually, with consumption at approximately 30,000 tonnes of TREO. If it is assumed that an initial goal would be to have Hoidas Lake supply 10% of US demand, or 3,000 tonnes of TREO equivalent annually, then the resource estimate in the measured and indicated category would translate into a mine-life of 5.2 years and 11.8 years based on the estimate from all three resource categories. In terms of mine size, it means a facility capable of processing 300 to 400 tonnes per day. "This is exactly where we want to be at this stage of development," states Jim Engdahl, President. "Heading to prefeasibility and feasibility with the potential for a 10 to 15 year mine-life means we can now focus on the metallurgy and marketing side of project development, as recommended by Wardrop."


Metallurgical testwork on the Hoidas Lake mineralization is being carried out at the Center for Advanced Mineral & Metallurgical Processing ("CAMP"), located in Butte, Montana, under the direction of Melis Engineering Ltd. ("Melis"). The REEs at Hoidas Lake are hosted in the phosphate mineral apatite and the silicate mineral allanite. Previous work identified three possible flowsheets for mineral processing of the rare earth minerals and demonstrated that the mineral assemblages are amenable to acid leaching. Recent work has focused on exploring whether the rare earth values can be upgraded during beneficiation using techniques such as flotation as a possible process step ahead of the hydrometallurgical extraction (leaching). Results have confirmed that the phosphate (apatite) can be separated from the silicates (allanite) by flotation. Further flotation tests are now underway as well as exploring whether heavy liquid separation and magnetic separation could be useful in beneficiation. Hydrometallurgical testing will be initiated to determine the extraction efficiencies of the different lixiviants (both acids and bases) on the different concentrates, tails and "whole ore".
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Continuation of Page 1

Winter Program

As part of their conclusions Wardrop states: "The JAK Zone at Hoidas Lake has a demonstrated resource, which could be further expanded by drilling along strike and down-dip using the observed principle geologic controls of the vein system and its geophysical expression. Drilling to expand the resource is recommended at the north end of the JAK Zone where significant vein thickness is indicated by initial drilling." Anticipating this recommendation, the Company recently completed a 22-hole, 2,226 metre drill program on the JAK Zone and related structures with emphasis on the north end of the JAK Zone. The core has been logged and split and samples submitted for assay. Once the results are received, another resource calculation will be carried out and it is expected that the resource estimate in all categories will be upgraded significantly. While the zone is open in all directions, it is not anticipated that any further major drill programs will be carried out heading to prefeasibility and feasibility.

"This is a major step forward in the development at Hoidas Lake and the growth of Great Western Minerals into a potential rare earth producer," says Jim Engdahl. "With a resource estimate now attached to a very small portion of the total mineralized fault system at Hoidas, we can turn our attention to aggressively designing a value-added product mix targeting the alternative energy market. Through Great Western Technologies Inc., we have a good start at doing just that, and our goal is to significantly enhance the economics of the Hoidas Lake project through this value-added approach."

Jim Engdahl, President
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I think we are set to go.. Lets see what happens tomorrow...
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I wish they'd figure out how to extract the rare earth minerals already
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I have not visited this board very often, however I thought that it would be appropriate to provide the following, go to http:www.gwmg.ca and click on the Insinger Beaufort - Analyst Report which is published on the company website in pdf format. Comments made and valuation displayed parallel to those I have made on this board and other bull boards. Back in 2002 I valued the Hoidas Lake property at over US$7500 per tonne at the 2002 market prices. This report values it in excess of that.
One new fact contained in this report is the negotiations going on with an Uranium producer in Saskatchewan to refine their tailings which contain considerable amounts of REE's. The proposed refining facility would be constructed in close proximity of both the Hoidas Lake property and the Uranium producer at a cost of US$60 to 90 million
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Did someone on this board say something negative about Great Western...If not, I apologize...I just remember something negative with Western in it...lol
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