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GWG - Great Western Minerals (TSXV)

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Great Western appoints Melis to consult on Hoidas Lake

2005-11-22 12:15 ET - News Release
Mr. Gary Billingsley reports
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. has engaged Melis Engineering Ltd. of Saskatoon, Sask., as consultant in directing and monitoring the continuing metallurgical work on the company's 100-per-cent-owned Hoidas Lake rare earth project in Northern Saskatchewan. Melis will oversee the metallurgical test program being completed at the Center for Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing, University of Montana, in Butte, Mont. The goal of the program is to finalize a recovery process suitable for the Hoidas Lake rare earth mineralization and potentially economic byproducts.
The Hoidas Lake rare earth project is in the development stage with 70 drill holes completed to date in the area of the main JAK zone. The National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource model and technical report is being completed by Wardrop Engineering Inc. Baseline environmental work is being completed by Golder Associates, the company's environmental managers.
The rare earth elements are critical to the rechargeable battery and electric motor technologies used in hybrid and electric vehicles, and the development of the Hoidas Lake deposit is timely considering the projected dramatic increase in North American demand for these products.
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Message to Shareholders

Welcome to our website! http://www.gwmg.ca
2005 has been considerably kinder to the junior mining market than previous years. While the levels of activity and success were not always reflected in share prices, the investment climate was much improved and the ability to raise funds allowed most companies to significantly advance projects.
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd., to date in 2005, has successfully raised approximately $5.3 million in private placement financings, including $3 million for Great Western Diamonds Corp. In a little over 18 months approximately $8 million have been raised and there have been major advancements on the core projects.
At the Hoidas Lake rare earth project, approximately 70 drill holes have now been drilled to delineate the JAK and JAK 2 zones. Multiple zones have been identified and tested over a 700 metre strike-length based on 25-metre drill-spacing down to a vertical depth of 150 metres. The zone remains open along strike and at depth. Geophysics has traced the JAK zone for over 1.5 kilometres and has identified other significant rare earth targets. Wardrop Engineering Inc. has been contracted to complete a Resource Model and Technical Report compliant with National Instrument 43-101. Golder Associates, our environmental managers, are close to completing all environmental baseline field work at site. The project timeline sets completion of a feasibility study and Environmental Impact Assessment for the first half of 2007.
Another exciting development related to the Hoidas Lake project and the alternate energy field, was the opportunity to become involved in the specialty metals market related to the production of NiMH powder used in rechargeable NiNH batteries for the hybrid vehicle market. Due diligence on a potential asset purchase has been completed and we are in the process of completing negotiations on a formal agreement with two US companies. This step will provide the company with a market for its rare earth products once Hoidas comes on stream.
Work on the Chuckwalla copper/gold/silver property in California , has significantly advanced that property as well. Crews completed detailed surface mapping, a detailed geochemical survey and detailed ground geophysics on the property. As a result, drill targets have been generated and application for a drilling permit has been made to the Bureau of Land Management. Copper has become a strategic metal and with prices approaching US$2 per pound and with assays at Chuckwalla running as high as 10.3% copper, 40.2 ounces per ton silver and up to 0.27 ounces per ton gold, we feel Chuckwalla could become a significant asset to the Company in the near future.
Another significant achievement in 2005, was the successful completion of the Initial Public Offering of Great Western Diamonds Corp. in October. GWD now holds all of the diamond properties formerly held by GWG, including the two diamond-bearing kimberlites at Candle Lake . GWG retains a 43% interest in GWD and we feel this could become a major asset to GWG given the outstanding success of other diamond projects in Saskatchewan , and the fact that the Candle Lake results to date are very similar to those projects at the same stage of exploration. This winter will see a major exploration and delineation effort at Candle Lake .
Recent announcements by Toyota and other hybrid manufacturers, combined with the unprecedented modernization of countries like China and India , point to the continued dramatic increase in demand for the rare earth elements and to a bright future for the Hoidas Lake project. Demand for copper and increasing copper prices make Chuckwalla an extremely attractive grassroots project. And the continuing positive news for Saskatchewan diamonds could translate into a major asset for GWG with its investment in GWD.
We appreciate that it's been a long road for some shareholders, but we believe the best is yet to come and everyone's patience will be rewarded.
Gary L. Billingsley
President and Director
November 2005.
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Great Western appoints Bell as corporate controller

2005-11-29 12:26 ET - News Release

Mr. Gary Billingsley reports


Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. has appointed Kristal Bell, CGA, to the position of corporate controller. Ms. Bell has several years of accounting and financial experience in the resource industry, most recently with Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. in the Northwest Territories.

A member of the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada and currently completing a master's degree in business administration, Ms. Bell will contribute significantly to the growth of the company.
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A very good rise in price on a very low volume. This particular stock is very tightly held. I know of a group of investors who hold approximately 20% of the shares.
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Anyone care to guess where GWTI will fit into this chart

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Energy Storage Bracket is my guess. They may not appear on the chart but will definitely fit in that category
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Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (“GWMG”) is very pleased to announce that it has signed, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Great Western Technologies Inc. (“GWTI”), a formal Purchase Agreement with Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (“ECD”), (NASDAQ: ENER) and an affiliate, whereby GWTI is purchasing certain specialty metal production assets located in Troy, Michigan. The production equipment, located in two adjacent plants, is capable of producing nickel metal hydride (NiMH) powder, used in hydrogen storage materials and NiMH rechargeable batteries, and a range of other specialty metals, powders and super alloys. The plants are currently in operation.

The purchase price is US$1.3 million, of which ECD will receive $906,000.00, payable in installments over two years, with ECD and its affiliate each having the option of converting half the purchase price into common shares of GWMG.

GWTI will form the basis of GWMG's marketing strategy for specific products it expects to produce from its 100%-owned rare-earth element project at Hoidas Lake in northern Saskatchewan . Cerium and lanthanum are two of the key rare-earth elements present at Hoidas Lake and are critical components of NiMH powder for use in rechargeable batteries. NiMH rechargeable batteries are used in a variety of applications including electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The hybrid and alternate energy vehicle market, in particular, is one area where GWTI plans to focus product and marketing efforts.

“We feel very fortunate that ECD and its affiliate presented us with this opportunity” states Gary Billingsley, President of GWMG. “It not only allows us to retain a world-class production team, but also gives us a toe-hold in a very competitive specialty metals market with introductions to some of the major players in the alternate energy field. While Hoidas Lake is still in the development, pre-feasibility stage, with the hybrid vehicle market expanding around the globe, and China consuming its own rare earth resources at an increasing rate, we want to be ready to supply rare earth products to specific segments of the alternate energy markets when Hoidas Lake does come on stream.” Mr. Billingsley also states, “In the near-term, while Hoidas is in development, these plants have the potential to generate positive cash flow, and that could be a significant bonus to us.”

GWMG believes that this purchase is a major step in achieving the corporate goal of becoming a completely vertically-integrated North American supplier of rare earth elements and related value-added products.

Gary L. Billingsley, C.A. , P.Eng., P.Geo.
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yes I like how it reached it's .93 high about a year ago this time. I personally own 3000$ of this company or 7000 shares.
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Great Western Minerals listed here
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Possible location of the USA assets purchaed by GWTI
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Latest interview of Gary Billingsley on the advancement of the Hoidas Lake Property
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Your saying your group of friends owns 9.2 million shares of GWG.V? nice.

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One of the factors initiiating the rise in GWMG share price is the exposure of this play to the alternate energy sector being covered by a number of analysts.

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Looks like the uptick in SP correlates with the acquisition of the Copper Hill project WWWater. How many past producing gold mines are on their new claims? Has the company identified specific metallurgical challenges in separating the REO's at Hoidas?

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The metalurgical analysis is being done at the University of Montana at CAMP to determine the most efficient and economical method in producing the rare earth oxides. This analysis will form part of the feasibility study along with engineering reports being compiled by Wardrop. A pilot plant was in the initial plans, however that plan has been eliminated as sufficient information will be compiled from the analysis at CAMP. Heap leaching appears the most economical method using none acidic agents which are readily available and easily transported and less costly. Most of the reagents can be recovered in the process and reused.

The uptick in the SP can be attributed to a wider exposure to the alternate energy sector investors and the acquisition of the refining facilities in Troy Michigan by GWTI.
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Thanks WWWater! Looking fwd to the feasibility. I perceive diversification to be a strength in the context of the potential for challenges in exploiting their rare earth metal deposits. Do you not attribute the Copper Hill property to have also benefitted the SP?

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PureOre, it is difficult to determine if the Copper Hill acquisition contributed to the rise in SP, but I am certain that the acquisition of the USA assets in Troy Michigan did influence the SP as exposure to the alternate energy sector of GWMG to a new sector of investors did occur and coverage by analysts such as the one below exposed GWMG in that sector

also go to http://www.gwmg.ca and click on the "CTV GWMG video interview" located on the bottom left of the home page
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Engineering Report - Hoidas Lake

Those of you in and near Vancouver can get a glimpse of the content in the engineering report on Hoidas Lake as Mr. Billingsley, president of Great Western Minerals Group will be presenting some segments of the report to the investors at the Cambridge Resource Investment Conference being held on the 22 and 23 of January in Vancouver.

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More info and forums on GWG here:


More info and forums here:


Chart is on the rise!
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I live like 3 hours away from Hoidas Lake, I contacted them and they arent making a winter road this year, they tried to last year but the guy they contracted didn't finish.(I know cause I tried to get this year's winter road contract). which means everything is fly in and fly out, which means it costs big moola to operate their camp.
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