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Stock Market Today: December 31st - January 4th

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Stock Market Today: December 31st - January 4th

Happy New Year






Wall Street Week Ahead: Cliff may be a fear, but debt ceiling much scarier


Symbol Price Change
^GSPC 1,402.43 -15.67
^VIX 22.72 3.25
^INX   0.00

By Ryan Vlastelica, Edward Krudy and Doris Frankel

(Reuters) - Investors fearing a stock market plunge - if the United States tumbles off the "fiscal cliff" next week - may want to relax.

But they should be scared if a few weeks later, Washington fails to reach a deal to increase the nation's debt ceiling because that raises the threat of a default, another credit downgrade and a panic in the financial markets.

Market strategists say that while falling off the cliff for any lengthy period - which would lead to automatic tax hikes and stiff cuts in government spending - would badly hurt both consumer and business confidence, it would take some time for the U.S. economy to slide into recession. In the meantime, there would be plenty of chances for lawmakers to make amends by reversing some of the effects.

That has been reflected in a U.S. stock market that has still not shown signs of melting down. Instead, it has drifted lower and become more volatile.

In some ways, that has let Washington off the hook. In the past, a plunge in stock prices forced the hand of Congress, such as in the middle of the financial crisis in 2008.

"If this thing continues for a bit longer and the result is you get a U.S. debt downgrade ... the risk is not that you lose two-and-a-half percent, the risk is that you lose ten and a half," said Jonathan Golub, chief U.S. equity strategist at UBS Equity Research, in New York.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said this week that the United States will technically reach its debt limit at the end of the year.


The White House has said it will not negotiate the debt ceiling as in 2011, when the fight over what was once a procedural matter preceded the first-ever downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. But it may be forced into such a battle again. A repeat of that war is most worrisome for markets.

Markets posted several days of sharp losses in the period surrounding the debt ceiling fight in 2011. Even after a bill to increase the ceiling passed, stocks plunged in what was seen as a vote of "no confidence" in Washington's ability to function, considering how close lawmakers came to a default.

Credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's lowered the U.S. sovereign rating to double-A-plus, citing Washington's legislative problems as one reason for the downgrade from triple-A status. The benchmark S&P 500 dropped 16 percent in a four-week period ending August 21, 2011.

"I think there will be a tremendous fight between Democrats and Republicans about the debt ceiling," said Jon Najarian, a co-founder of online brokerage TradeMonster.com, in Chicago.

"I think that is the biggest risk to the downside in January for the market and the U.S. economy."

There are some signs in the options market that investors are starting to eye the January period with more wariness. The CBOE Volatility Index, or the VIX, the market's preferred indicator of anxiety, has remained at relatively low levels throughout this process, though on Thursday it edged above 20 for the first time since July.

More notable is the action in VIX futures markets, which shows a sharper increase in expected volatility in January than in later-dated contracts. January VIX futures are up nearly 23 percent in the last seven trading days, compared with a 13 percent increase in March futures and an 8 percent increase in May futures. That's a sign of increasing near-term worry among market participants.

The CBOE Volatility Index closed on Friday at 22.72, gaining nearly 17 percent to end at its highest level since June as details emerged of a meeting on Friday afternoon of President Barack Obama with Senate and House leaders from both parties where the president offered proposals similar to those already rejected by Republicans. Stocks slid in late trading and equity futures continued that slide after cash markets closed.

"I was stunned Obama didn't have another plan, and that's absolutely why we sold off," said Mike Shea, a managing partner and trader at Direct Access Partners LLC, in New York.

Obama offered hope for a last-minute agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff after a meeting with congressional leaders, although he scolded Congress for leaving the problem unresolved until the 11th hour.

"The hour for immediate action is here," he told reporters at a White House briefing. "I'm modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved."

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to convene on Sunday and continue working through the New Year's Day holiday. Obama has proposed maintaining current tax rates for all but the highest earners.

Consumers don't appear at all traumatized by the fiscal cliff talks, as yet. Helping to bolster consumer confidence has been a continued recovery in the housing market and growth in the labor market, albeit slow.

The latest take on employment will be out next Friday, when the U.S. Labor Department's non-farm payrolls report is expected to show jobs growth of 145,000 for December, in line with recent growth.

Consumers will see their paychecks affected if lawmakers cannot broker a deal and tax rates rise, but the effect on spending is likely to be gradual.


Options strategists have noted an increase in positions to guard against weakness in defense stocks such as General Dynamics because those stocks would be affected by spending cuts set for that sector. Notably, though, the PHLX Defense Index is less than 1 percent away from an all-time high reached on December 20.

This underscores the view taken by most investors and strategists: One way or another, Washington will come to an agreement to offset some effects of the cliff. The result will not be entirely satisfying, but it will be enough to satisfy investors.

"Expectations are pretty low at this point, and yet the equity market hasn't reacted," said Carmine Grigoli, chief U.S. investment strategist at Mizuho Securities USA, in New York. "You're not going to see the markets react to anything with more than a 5 (percent) to 7 percent correction."

Save for a brief 3.6 percent drop in equity futures late on Thursday evening last week after House Speaker John Boehner had to cancel a scheduled vote on a tax-hike bill due to lack of Republican support, markets have not shown the same kind of volatility as in 2008 or 2011.

A gradual decline remains possible, Golub said, if business and consumer confidence continues to take a hit on the back of fiscal cliff worries. The Conference Board's measure of consumer confidence fell sharply in December, a drop blamed in part on the fiscal issues.

"If Congress came out and said that everything is off the table, yeah, that would be a short-term shock to the market, but that's not likely," said Richard Weiss, a Mountain View, California-based senior money manager at American Century Investments.

"Things will be resolved, just maybe not on a good time table. All else being equal, we see any further decline as a buying opportunity."


fut_image.ashx?ym.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?es.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?nq.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?er2.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?nkd.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?cl.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?ng.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?ho.png&rev=634923288408773750
fut_image.ashx?gc.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?si.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?pl.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?hg.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?pa.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?lc.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?lh.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?fc.png&rev=634923288408773750
fut_image.ashx?zc.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zl.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zm.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zo.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zr.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zs.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?zw.png&rev=634923288408773750 fut_image.ashx?pb.png&rev=634923288408773750
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Sunday, December 30
19:30   AUD     Private Sector Credit (MoM)   0.3% 0.1%  
20:45   CNY     Chinese HSBC Manufacturing PMI   50.90 50.90  
Monday, December 31
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20:00   CNY     Chinese Manufacturing PMI   51.00 50.60  
Tuesday, January 1
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17:30   AUD     AIG Manufacturing Index     43.6  
Wednesday, January 2
All Day   Holiday Japan - Exchange Holiday
All Day   Holiday Switzerland - Berchtold's Day
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00:30   AUD     Commodity Prices (YoY)     -11.6%  
03:13   EUR     Spanish Manufacturing PMI   45.1 45.3  
03:45   EUR     Italian Manufacturing PMI   45.40 45.10  
03:50   EUR     French Manufacturing PMI   44.6 44.6  
03:55   EUR     German Manufacturing PMI   46.3 46.3  
04:00   EUR     Manufacturing PMI   46.3 46.3  
04:30   GBP     Manufacturing PMI   49.2 49.1  
08:00   EUR     German CPI (MoM)     0.7% -0.1%  
08:00   EUR     German CPI (YoY)     1.9% 1.9%  
08:55   USD     Redbook (MoM)     0.00%  
09:00   USD     Manufacturing PMI   53.20 54.20  
10:00   USD     Construction Spending (MoM)   0.6% 1.4%  
10:00   USD     ISM Manufacturing Index   50.2 49.5  
10:00   USD     ISM Manufacturing Prices   52.0 52.5  
20:00   CNY     Chinese Non-Manufacturing PMI     55.60  
Thursday, January 3
All Day   Holiday Japan - Exchange Holiday
All Day   Holiday China - New Year's Day
02:00   GBP     Nationwide HPI (MoM)   0.1% 0.0%  
03:00   EUR     Spanish Unemployment Change   50.30K 74.30K  
03:00   CHF     KOF Leading Indicators   1.35 1.50  
03:30   CHF     SVME PMI   48.5 48.5  
03:55   EUR     German Unemployment Change   10K 5K  
03:55   EUR     German Unemployment Rate   6.9% 6.9%  
04:00   EUR     M3 Money Supply (YoY)   3.8% 3.9%  
04:00   EUR     Private Loans (YoY)   -0.5% -0.7%  
04:30   GBP     Construction PMI   49.5 49.3  
07:00   USD     MBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)     -12.3%  
07:30   USD     Challenger Job Cuts (YoY)     34.4%  
08:15   USD     ADP Nonfarm Employment Change   138K 118K  
08:30   USD     Continuing Jobless Claims     3206K  
08:30   USD     Initial Jobless Claims   355K 350K  
09:45   USD     Bloomberg Consumer Confidence     -32.1  
11:00   USD     Chain Store Sales (YoY)     1.7%  
14:00   USD     FOMC Meeting Minutes        
15:00   USD     Global Semiconductor Sales (MoM)     1.7%  
16:00   USD     Total Vehicle Sales   15.30M 15.50M  
17:30   AUD     AIG Services Index     47.1  
20:45   CNY     Chinese HSBC Services PMI     52.1  
Friday, January 4
00:05   USD     Monster Employment Index     158  
02:00   EUR     German Retail Sales (MoM)   0.8% -1.3%  
02:00   EUR     German Retail Sales (YoY)   -1.2% -0.8%  
Tentative   GBP     Halifax House Price Index (MoM)   0.1% 1.0%  
03:13   EUR     Spanish Services PMI   42.8 42.4  
03:45   EUR     Italian Services PMI   45.1 44.6  
03:48   EUR     French Markit Comp. PMI     45.00  
03:50   EUR     French Services PMI   46.0 46.0  
03:55   EUR     German Services PMI   52.1 52.1  
04:00   EUR     Services PMI   47.8 47.8  
04:30   GBP     BOE Consumer Credit   -0.10B -0.50B  
04:30   GBP     M4 Money Supply (MoM)   0.3% 0.2%  
04:30   GBP     Mortgage Approvals   54K 53K  
04:30   GBP     Mortgage Lending   0.50B 0.20B  
04:30   GBP     Net Lending to Individuals   0.4B -0.3B  
04:30   GBP     Services PMI   50.4 50.2  
05:00   EUR     CPI (YoY)     2.1% 2.2%  
05:00   EUR     Italian CPI (YoY)     2.4% 2.5%  
05:00   EUR     Italian CPI (MoM)     0.2% -0.2%  
08:30   CAD     Employment Change   5.0K 59.3K  
08:30   CAD     IPPI (YoY)     -0.2%  
08:30   CAD     IPPI (MoM)   -0.1% -0.1%  
08:30   CAD     Participation Rate     66.80%  
08:30   CAD     RMPI (MoM)   -1.0% 0.0%  
08:30   CAD     Unemployment Rate   7.0% 7.2%  
08:30   USD     Average Hourly Earnings (MoM)   0.2% 0.2%  
08:30   USD     Average Weekly Hours   34.4 34.4  
08:30   USD     Nonfarm Payrolls   145K 146K  
08:30   USD     Private Nonfarm Payrolls   145K 147K  
08:30   USD     Unemployment Rate   7.7% 7.7%  
10:00   USD     Factory Orders (MoM)   0.4% 0.8%  
10:00   USD     ISM Non-Manufacturing Index   54.3 54.7  
10:30   USD     Natural Gas Storage     -72B  
11:00   USD     Crude Oil Inventories     -0.586M  
11:00   USD     Gasoline Inventories     3.782M  
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  • Monday

Final trading day of 2012

"Fiscal Cliff" deadline

10:30 am: Dallas Fed survey

  • Tuesday

New Year's Day 

Markets closed

  • Wednesday

8:58 am: Manufacturing PMI

10:00 am: ISM manufacturing

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2:00 pm: FOMC minutes

  • Thursday

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  • Friday 

8:30 am: Employment report

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10:00 am: Factory orders

3:30 pm: Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen on systemic risk


>>>Also, do not miss Mark Vierra's latest log entry! --> Mark's Weekly Trading Log



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Ding! Ding! Ding!


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also just a reminder- if you haven't done so already don't forget to cast your votes in mark's weekly (12/31-1/4)monthly (january), and also the quarterly poll (q1 2013) which are all set to close in a couple of days... mark will be starting us on a brand spankin' new spreadsheet for the new year... great job for everyone's participation in 2012 and a big time kudos goes out to mark for for his hard work and efforts on hsm! gl to everyone in the new year! thumbup.gif





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Thanks Cy.

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Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 12/27/12

Video from AlphaTrends Brian Shannon

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Futures are going to take a dump at open. Also, in b4 2013.
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I can't believe I read such a thing, but House democrats are having an ice-cream party right now... I'm on my iPhone so I can't post the link, but I'm actually surprised that these retards are this retarded.
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Originally Posted by Venom08 View Post

Here's something interesting I learned today:


It's something called "Day Trading by the Day" and basically it says that of the closing price on the last trading day of the week is GREATER than the opening price, then the Set-Up is for a buy on Monday or the first trading day of the week.

If the closing price  on the last trading day of the week is LESS than the opening price, then the Set-Up is for the SELL on Monday or the first trading day of the week.


Trigger: For a Monday buy Set-Up, the trigger is a BUY STOP rise of a given number of points on Monday ABOVE the high of Friday. For a sell Trigger we use a SELL Stop price a given number of points BELOW the low of Friday. Buy stops and sell stops are used at these points to enter these positions. NOte that the number of points required to trigger varies from market to market but generally even a few ticks or cents will do.


The Follow-Through consists of a stop loss and exit at the end of the day.


I found this in the book, The Ultimate Day Trader so to apply this to today's close, we should expect a lower open on Monday. This has been statistically proven to work more often than chance would allow it, so I guess it's something to think about. The fiscal cliff debacle will probably make this negate this theory because no one knows if we'll get a deal or not. However, markets are positioned to make us believe a deal will not be struck.


You peaked my interest.  I was unable to replicate your results.


Code used.


BUY:  Bar[Close,W] > Bar[Close,W,1]

SELL:  Bar[Close,W,1] > Bar[Close,W]


I need info on the possible sell trigger to complete the backtest.

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How in the world are futures up... Last week we jumped or fell 20 points on /ES just by hearing they'll meet or not meet and today we're up because they have absolutely no plan? Insanity and more proof that markets will probably go up even on a BS deal so that investors can think all is fine (not even the fiscal cliff brought us down) and the big funds can unload their longs unto them. Volume should be specially noted this upcoming week. I expect a massive correction and the beginning of a bear cycle sometime in mid to late January.
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ES is down Venom. What are you looking at?

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Originally Posted by Bob Korreck View Post

ES is down Venom. What are you looking at?

I've got 1389.25 at this moment. Didn't it close at 86?
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Originally Posted by Venom08 View Post

I've got 1389.25 at this moment. Didn't it close at 86?


Yep. Now I know what you're looking at. lol  I day trade so I just look at the open today and you also have to figure it will be up after that huge drop Fri but it won't stay up.


II should also add that it's down from my resistance zone and not at the open today.

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I'm seeing the same 2 handle gap up, not that futures mean anything <+/- 50 handles.

Originally Posted by Venom08 View Post

Originally Posted by Bob Korreck View Post

ES is down Venom. What are you looking at?

I've got 1389.25 at this moment. Didn't it close at 86?


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W posted at the same time Mark. Sorry for the confusion.. tongue.gif


My resistance tonight is also support tomorrow. Confused? laughing.gif

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I cant believe its 2013 this week...


Lets get the party started!


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Watch us rally hard tomorrow. Too many bears right now 2guns.gif

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I got bad news for ya Gil. The older you get the faster the time goes by.

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Overall, this was a great year for equities. Nice little 6-10% add on to the publics portfolios. 


But I'm leaning for a bearish 2013. 

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yea they cant keep it pumped up forever...up year for equities and yet another year in the tank for rest of the economy....guess they thought pumping the stock market would trickle into general public and industry...didnt happen
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Let 'em eat cake. LOL rolleyes.gif

The little guy always gets it in the end.
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AAPL very strong so far. Breaking through its upper TL resistance. Testing Friday's high.

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