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Originally Posted by Mr. Mac View Post
I think that CHK will head back up once they remain profitable for a full year. My bro bought in when the CEO bought big but then the margin call came in and down chk went. Its a solid company with a good balance sheet; it just needs to stay profitable.
Like any commodity based company its gonna move with commodity prices. I dont see why anyone would be interested in this for anything but a trade with the current state of natural gas.

Plus the balance sheet is good? Didn't they just sell off some assets to CNOOC because they have debt?
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An outrage.....and I know people reference the state the Nat. Gas is in but.....CHK is a Moderate BUY, stockscouter rating continues to edge up, and while most dont like Cramer he touts CHK every week, almost every day yet it just hoovers...
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read all the latest news......IT ALL GOOD FOR THE GROWTH ..... more diverse after first glance....
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running up.......running up........earnings this week....!!!
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Originally Posted by Datemike View Post

Plus the balance sheet is good? Didn't they just sell off some assets to CNOOC because they have debt?

Yea, CHK did. However, they have a balance sheet that is roughly equal to their market cap... that's a good sign for me. The manager's seem to be doing a good job with their investments. What do you think?
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Earnings tomorrow......I think it will run up a bit.....
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Gotcha, thanks for the input guys.
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I guess Icahn thinks its a good investment too? Hmm... Going up? What do you think DateMike?
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Just sold this stock today. Bought it at around $22.
CHK is trading in the range of $21.10 - $26.65 in the past 30 days.
Average True Range (Atr) is bullish for CHK.
Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is bullish for CHK.
The 22-day exponential moving average is moving up for CHK.
CHK formed a bullish Gap Up signal.
CHK formed a Morning Star signal.
Money Flow Index (MFI) is bullish and moving up for CHK.
The 10-day simple moving average is bullish and moving up for CHK.
Average volume increase over 5% for CHK.
Stock performance base on day of week in the past 90 days.
Monday: 12.96%
Tuesday: -4.18%
Wednesday: 10.43%
Thursday: -1.96%
Friday: 1.04%

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CNOOC to Buy Third of a Chesapeake Energy Project
Published: January 30, 2011

Filed at 7:46 p.m. EST

NEW YORK (AP) — China's state-owned offshore oil and gas company is intensifying its search for oil in the western United States.

CNOOC Ltd. announced Sunday it will pay $570 million for a one-third stake in Chesapeake Energy Corp.'s drilling project in an emerging oil field in northeast Colorado and southeast Wyoming.

Chesapeake, an oil and natural gas company based in Oklahoma City, will operate the 800,000-acre project in a pair of basins in a region called the Niobrara shale. CNOOC will pay two-thirds of the project's drilling costs, up to an additional $697 million.

In October, CNOOC paid $1.08 billion for a one-third stake in a Chesapeake drilling project in South Texas.

Both deals give CNOOC access to an emerging source of oil in the western United States: shale deposits.
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looks very extended here...watching for further action above that 3yr resistance
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CHK broke out on the weekly charts yesterday... looks like its going for 35
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Upgraded today and up 5% already.  :D


Chesapeake Energy Raised To Buy From Neutral By Global Hunter Securities >CHK

Feb 7, 2011 09:28:37 (ET)

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

February 07, 2011 09:28 ET (14:28 GMT)

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wish i would have hopped in around 20...... waiting for a pull back, what everyone thinking a good entry point is?

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No pullbacks here, buyers are going to have to chase it now, new 52wk highs and powering higher


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its looking good!!! but ive been burnt to many times chasing, best chance is a pull back if there is one. Cramer's very bullish and pushing this one saying $60 is his target price.

im just a little nervous to jump in anything at its high right now after having a lot of red in my portfolio.   

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+7% dang!


Here I was waiting for the morning gap to fill, it was more of  gap and run!

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I've been saying this stock was gonna be going up for months and that's when it was around $21 or below... people were hating but I don't hear them anymore.  Any dissenters?  

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Got in at 30 and sold yesterday. Great potential for this one.

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