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Keepin eye on this one, signed a nice deal with a big distributor.



Avivagen Announces U.S. Distribution Agreement


OTTAWA, ONTARIO, February 16, 2012 - Teva Animal Health, Inc. (TAH) and Avivagen Animal Health, Inc. (AV), a Canadian Animal Health company, have entered into an exclusive U.S. veterinarian distribution agreement whereby TAH will become the exclusive distributor for Oximunol(TM) chewable tablets in the U.S. Oximunol(TM) Chewables are the first product developed by AV. TAH will participate in new product marketing efforts for Oximunol(TM) Chewables in the U.S. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed

About Avivagen

Avivagen, a Canadian company is the wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of Chemaphor, Inc. More information can be found at

About Chemaphor

Chemaphor, a wellness company, is committed to developing and delivering products to animals and humans to assist in optimizing health and daily quality of life. Chemaphor is advancing product candidates for the food animal market, companion animal market and various potential human applications. More information can be found at

About Teva Animal Health

Teva Animal Health is an important provider of proprietary and generic products to the US animal health market, including products marketed under the DVM Pharmaceuticals brand. Teva is investing heavily in a comprehensive, phased renovation of its facilities bringing cGMP manufacturing capabilities that we believe are foremost in the animal health industry. This positions us well to move forward with an emphasis on branded products and value-added generics for the US animal health care market

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