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How to insert a dynamic (changing) image or gif into your post

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How do you get a chart to update in your post?!?!


Is there some magical way to do this?!?




If you try insert an image the normal way (by clicking the insert image button), the platform takes a snapshot of the image and loads it to our servers. That snapshot does not update, so if you want to insert updating charts into your post, you need to do the following.


The current editor you are using to post is called a rich editor, it does not accept HTML.


To make the editor accept HTML you need to click on "Source".




Once you are in source, you can enter the html required that will tell your browser to go and get an image from another website.


To do this, you need the URL of the image!


Thankfully this is pretty easy, just right click on the image you want and select copy image URL or location. In this example Im grabbing an chart of AAPL off Finviz.com:




Once you have clicked Copy Image Location, you need to paste that URL into your editor. But before you do that, you need to tell the editor that its an image!


How do you do that?!?!




You type in <img src="pastetheurloftheimagehere">




Thats it!








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Try this !

Thanks for the pointers  


So and So's Encanto Potash here :



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Once we Preview a post, can we go back and Edit it ?

Because it APPEARS AS THO we have no other choice but to Submit it ???????

PS : Thanks fer yer Help and all


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Yes, you can edit your posts.


See the little pencil icon in your post? Click it.


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Testing out the "Pencil Icon".......


Don't see it yet but perhaps during Preview ?

Thanks for the reply by the way : Seems I missed it.

How can we TELL (aside from our e-mail box), whether someone's Replied to our post(s) ????


Caterpillar's Plain Vanilla Double Top ?

Which I don't see as being "plain" at all.

And which I DON'T think needs to be all like, "chart marked up" either !






Currently treading at 116.00 even



Nope.........Don't see no "Pencil Icon" ........Even in Preview

<P>Note : Also in Preview we can no longer html ?

Thanks & Take Care.......Have a good wknd

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