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Legalized online gambling in america bill that is.

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U dont play zynga for that you do IGT
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Pygmy Friends?

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a website named AllThingsDigital posted a news item today that Zynga's lead Game Developer had left the company. The stock took a nose dive and twitter lit up. then 30 minutes later, it was revealed that he had left he company way back in January. Amazing bullshit!

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downgraded by JP Morgan

JPMorgan Pushes Pause On Zynga
5 hours 14 minutes ago - Dow Jones News

8:38 (Dow Jones) Zynga (ZNGA), which gets mixed ratings from Wall Street, loses a bull as JPMorgan says the stock's recent run has priced in much of the upside. The new Zynga.com site and the potential for legalization of online gambling are legitimate reasons for optimism, but the investment bank says they will take a while to materialize. Investor enthusiasm for those developments had helped drive ZNGA up 47% from its December debut. Shares are off 2.5% premarket at $14.32 as JPMorgan downgrades to neutral. Its price target remains $15. (matthew.jarzemsky@dowjones.com)
Call us at (212) 416-2354 or email kevin.kingsbury@dowjones.com
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still up pretty well to date mostly on Fbook adrenaline

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Hi all.  In as much as many of you disliking this stock.. just wondering what your thoughts are at this moment with it?  It had a few gaps up and down, some roller coaster rides.  But the recent news of a secondary IPO??   Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this suppose to "help" so the shares won't free fall like Linked-In where its underwriters and B-Class share holders unloaded their inventory?  if that is "true," (yes mind my quotes), why has it been down the past 3-5 days in the red? I believe there is no dilution to this so technically it shouldn't affect the price.  Lately there's also been very low volume as well due to that news, hence the red.  Besides that, there's been a lot of good news, I mean Zynga's actually doing a lot more than many other social stocks and actually makes money.  So 1st quarter earnings was sort of a dud.. but that's because of some insiders cashing out.. a 1 time deal ( I hope), however they did beat analyst earnings expectations. 


Any analysis will help, thanks. 

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Fb ipo run will be its last n only run up
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Looks ready to run to $14 today

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Sorry typo, meant to say 13 laughing.gif

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i wonder how much the FB IPO is gunno lif tthis guy

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listen to my advice..no one buy unless you got money to lose..lol

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Earnings coming out soon, should be very interesting!

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MANNNN..the selloff are soo STRONG..theres nothing to even get into it


hummmm..any pops are puts/shorts now

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the owners are jumping hand over feet trying to sell their stock before its worth 0$


what a shit hole!

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please goo back upp...

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ok, here comes the market pump now banana.gif

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Sorry, typo, meant to say $7 laughing.gif

Originally Posted by PENYSTOKMILIONAIR View Post

Sorry typo, meant to say 13 laughing.gif



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PLEASE GOO UPPP...i wanna enter puts.....


theres going to be nmothing left

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ahahah...look at the charts...the last 3 days...pop!! at the close


all the shorters leaving ship!!


sooooooooooo funny

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