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IMX - Imax Corporation (Toronto Stock Exchange)

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big.chart?nosettings=1&symb=CA%3aIMX&uf=0&type=4&size=3&sid=103407&style=340&freq=1&time=8&rand=1171972087&compidx=aaaaa%3a0&ma=0&maval=9&lf=1&lf2=4&lf3=0&height=665&width=720&mocktick=1 Description


IMAX Corporation together with its wholly owned subsidiaries, is an entertainment technology companies, specializing in motion picture technologies and presentations. The Company’s principal business is the design and manufacture of digital theater systems (IMAX theater systems) and the sale or lease of IMAX theater systems. The Company is also engaged in the production and distribution of original large-format films, the provision of post-production services for large-format films, the conversion of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) Hollywood feature films for exhibition on IMAX theater systems worldwide, the operation of four IMAX theaters and the provision of services in support of IMAX theaters and the IMAX theater network worldwide. As of December 31, 2010, the IMAX theater network had 518 theater systems (396 commercial, 122 institutional) operating in 46 countries.

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Taking it on the chin today, -6%

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Rough -20% hit for longs that chased it at the highs.


Longs want to make sure it holds above $28 support, if not, lighten up those positions.

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Good bounce off the $18 level last week, uptrend is pushing higher another 6% today

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arrggggg!!! i always late to this guy!! everytime!! such bad luck the one stock i wanna hold for a long time

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Big day for Imax, sold break above $22 with a +10% move to $24.45



Imax Corp. (IMX), the maker of giant- screen movie-projection systems, rose to a six-month high today after saying box-office revenue increased 45 percent this year through Feb. 12 from the same period in 2011.

Imax shares surged 11 percent to C$24.45 in Toronto after the Mississauga, Ontario-based company said worldwide receipts at Imax cinemas totaled $55 million. About half of the sales came from the Tom Cruise movie “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol,” which has grossed $70 million at Imax theaters since its release in December.

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been trying to get in on this since 19...pulled the tripper today..lol

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Explosive today!!!

Some guy rolled his massive options contract to nxt month n highher price

Investor meeting today
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anyone write covered calls on them?

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looks good for a buy

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this guy is looking really good!!


still watching for 20


then will back the truck up...


IMAX moves upward are usually within a 5-10% interval ...so..DEEP otm calls cal be there

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people are selling on the hunger games... little do they know the summer is blockbuster heaven!
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Seems like a good entry point for IMX.

Good movies lined up...

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i agree..been waiting for a long long time

wait but..its explosive...


both up AND down...


patience is key


its heavey shorted as well...


give it time


its heavy expansions are great news for these guys...


all round good story...but its a very spec play...its earnings are not strong enough for its price


we can easy see -10% in a week....

id rather not take that risk now

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Thoughts on this?

Beaten down a lot lately....

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to expensive

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and more expemnsive...getting to 100 pe

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k now we are impacting batmann and spiderman movies here...


its a gone..


we need a massive market dive...for people to lose interest in imax


and a drop to 20

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I see it going up 4 out of 5 sessions!!

WIth the summer movies in pipeline, do you see a upside from here...

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nope..the train is gone...


ive been posting of the imax train for a while...it was too bumpy to enjoy the ride...


and now seems to be the best stop


id rather watch and wait for a market break down to enter...


like i said the train is gone

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