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yup for sure, some dude on stock house took 80 k shares off the 8.5 than madness happened 

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nice performance today closing at 9.5c, pretty good for a day like today

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this stock continues its upward trend and awesome news just came out a few days ago. Expect big things with this stock, it has now become my 2nd largest holding...

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I am expecting big things here from mit, great looking chart through latest market downturn. IMO

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Mint Announces Fiscal 2011 Annual Results and 2012 Outlook



TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 29, 2011) -


Mint Technology Corp. (TSX VENTURE:MIT) announced today the release and filing of its Annual 2011 Financial Statements and Management Discussion and Analysis Report for the period September 1, 2010 - August 31, 2011 and related CEO and CFO certificates.

Mint reported net positive EBITDA from Mint Middle East (UAE Branch) operations for the year ended August 31, 2011 of $277,742 on Revenues of $3,709,777.

Mint President and CEO, Nabil Bader said "Our business continues to grow in the UAE market and we are delighted to report that our core UAE business unit is now EBITDA positive. Our fiscal 2011 Q4 Revenue of $1,305,572 already indicates an annual revenue run rate of $5,200,000+ (up 51% from the previous quarter) and does not reflect the impact of the Workers Equity Holdings BSC acquisition revenues nor the additional contracts secured during Quarter 3. In November 2011, the impact of this already sees the UAE business annual revenue run rate at $6,000,000+ and with the additional contracts added, we look forward to increasing profitability for the UAE business in 2012 which will also contribute to the improvement of revenue and profit growth on a Corporate consolidated basis".

Over the last 3 quarters of 2011, the Corporation has dedicated the majority of the new capital raised to the acquisition of a competitor in UAE and the establishment of business operations in Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The Corporations net negative EBITDA on a consolidated basis of ($3,682,525) largely reflects this expenditure.

"The significant non-recurring items reported upon primarily in Q4 are behind us now and next year we will see the results of this investment, particularly with the launch of Mint Money and the MOU with PBDAC in Egypt recently announced", Mr. Bader said.

"We have made significant investments this year in the future of the Company both in UAE and the broader MENA region and with the recent announcements about Mint Money and Mint Egypt we are ready to execute on these opportunities and are confident this strategy will deliver results in 2012", said Mint Executive Chairman, Chris R Hogg, today.


  • Revenue for the year ended August 31, 2011 was $3,709,777 up from $2,388,515 for the year ended August 31, 2010 (+55%)
  • Revenue for the quarter ended August 31, 2011 (Q4) of $1,305,572 was up from $793,194 compared to the quarter ended August 31, 2010 (+65%)
  • Total Assets have increased from $4,734,993 as reported at August 31, 2010 to $12,362,822 at August 31, 2011 (+161%) and
  • Total Liabilities are up from $6,759,413 as reported at August 31, 2011 to $9,091,411 at August 31, 2010 (+35%) resulting in
  • Total Shareholders' Equity improving from a deficiency of ($2,323,293) to equity of $3,2711,411
  • Net positive EBITDA from Mint Middle East (UAE Branch) operations only for the year ended August 31, 2011 was $277,742.
  • Adjusted Net negative EBITDA on a consolidated basis for the year ended August 31, 2011 was ($1,950,127). This was an improvement from ($3,178,892) for the year ended August 31, 2010. (-38%)
  • Net negative EBITDA (excluding stock based compensation and after minority interests) on a Consolidated basis for the year ended August 31, 2011 was ($3,682,525). This was up from ($3,178,892) for the year ended August 31, 2010. (+16%)
  • Total Net Loss (after the non-controlling interest in loss) from operations for the year ended August 31, 2011 was ($6,030,327) up from ($4,688,126) for the year ended August 31, 2010. (+28%).
  • Cash totaled at $958,989 at August 31 2011, up from $67,248 at August 31, 2010 (+1326%) (Also see Subsequent Events)


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Mint Technology arranges $50-million (U.S.) financing

2011-12-29 17:25 MT - News Release

Mr. Nabil Bader reports


Mint Technology Corp. has signed an agreement to retain the services of a registered broker/dealer based in New York, N.Y., which will act as exclusive placement agent and financial adviser to Mint in connection with up to $50-million (U.S.) in structured debt financing to support the recently announced microcredit project being launched by Mint Money in early 2012.

The placement is intended to provide non-recourse wholesale debt finance to be utilized as collateral by a regulated financial institution in the United Arab Emirates, which is partnering with Mint to launch an innovative microlending product.

Mint intends to offer microfinance directly to its existing cardholder base and, as such, has virtually no cost of customer acquisition, with a limit of up to $1,000 (U.S.) each advance and with approval and settlement taking place within 24 hours through a credit load to the payroll card. Repayments will be deducted on payday before available funds are allowed on the card, thereby virtually eliminating repayment risk.

Mint forecasts a 2012 penetration rate of 10 per cent of its existing cardholder base of 400,000 employees thereby necessitating an initial debt financing facility of in excess of $40-million (U.S.).

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im a shocked this board doesn't get any attention, this company has huge deals in line with the MENA region...due some DD ppl you will know this company is legit

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No love for this stock at all from this board...been trying to get ppls attention since 7 cents and now were in the 17's....Read yesterdays news release these guys are legit! We even have a billion investing in this play

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Been telling this place about MIT for months now and one of the many huge news releases just dropped


Thursday, April 26, 2012

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 26, 2012) -


Mint Technology Corp. (TSX VENTURE:MIT)(PINKSHEETS:MITJF) ("Mint" or "Company") is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Mint Global Processing LLC ("MGP") and its banking partner, have passed all required testing to complete both issuing and acquiring certification from the UAE Central Bank for prepaid and ATM debit cards making MGP only the 4th Third Party Processor ("TPP") in the UAE to be authorized to connect to the Central Bank UAE Switch.

In addition, MGP will be able to market its processing services to Banks and other Card Issuers throughout the UAE as well as the GCC. Any card now issued through a financial institution in the UAE and the GCC will be accepted by the MGP platform.

Nabil Bader, Mint CEO said today, "This accomplishment is an incredible testament to the work between Mint and Carta Solutions to create a TPP platform that is only 1 of 4 currently approved by the Central Bank in the UAE. By using our own transaction platform, it reduces our costs and dependencies on outside vendors which equates to a stronger bottom line and increased revenues."

MGP plans to not only offer platform and transaction processing, but is working with its technology partner and shareholder in MGP, Carta Solutions, to incorporate mobile banking, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. These technologies will allow our end users to use contactless payments on their mobile device and/or their prepaid/debit card.

Chris Hogg, Mint Executive Chairman, said today, "Receiving this certification is yet another step for Mint in reaching the business goals it has set-out for 2012. We are thrilled to have achieved this valuable approval and are confident that MGP, as both a stand-alone business and a member of the Mint family of companies, will now grow and develop over this fiscal year into a strong contributor to Mint's overall financial targets."


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April 30, 2012 22:38 ET

Mint to Acquire UAE Mobile Airtime Top Up Business and Merchant Network to Add to Mint Money Range of Services



TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 30, 2012) -


Mint Technology Corp. ("Mint") (TSX VENTURE:MIT)(PINKSHEETS:MITJF) announced today that the Company has signed a Letter of Intent and substantially completed due diligence on the acquisition of the business assets, trading names, customer lists, merchant agreements, client and third party telecoms contracts, and goodwill of one of the UAE's leading mobile POS e voucher network company's, ePAY, from its current owners Global Business Services ("GBS"), a leading UAE telecom, multimedia and premium added value services company.

ePAY's merchant network currently processes in excess of $160,000,000 in mobile airtime top up per annum through the GBS/ePAY's proprietary platform solution and over the last 5 years has consistently delivered in excess of $1,500,000 of Net Profit to its owners.

This business will be acquired by a new subsidiary of Mint, to be known as Mint Merchant Services and its offerings will integrate with those of Mint Money including offering mobile top up to Mint's entire payroll cardholder base in the UAE and eventually beyond.

The financial terms of the transaction remain confidential at this time but include both a cash component and an issue of shares to the Vendor at a significant premium to the current average trading price of Mint's common stock. The transaction structure will be announced in detail following execution of unconditional contracts.

Mint Executive Chairman, Chris Hogg said today, "This is a unique opportunity for Mint to own and deliver its own mobile airtime top up range of products to its payroll card customer base who we know through survey data, in addition to sending money home, spend in excess of $150,000,000 per annum in airtime on their mobile devices. I am particularly pleased that a large proportion of the acquisition consideration is in the form of Mint stock as the Vendor shares in Mint's enthusiasm for our current rate of growth and the opportunity of having our own mobile top up business to add to our growing cardholder base."

Nabil Bader, Mint CEO said today, "This acquisition will add cash flow and EBITDA straight out of the gate for Mint Money which together with the micro loan product we are launching this month and the plans we have for an expansion of ePAY's range of offerings is good news for Mint as we continue to grow our reputation as the "go to" company for the unbanked workers in our core market. In addition, to marketing our own cardholder base there are also a number of operational synergies to be gained from the combination of this business with the Mint Money front office and the Mint Global Processing back office."

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no love on here for my fav long term hold stock? Q1 should be an amazing time, great company awesome management

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check that presentation out...beautyyyyyyy

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closed at .10 today .been three months since we saw 10 cents here

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Up again today,

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Looks like a potential comeback.


Don't you guys agree?

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yup my second biggest holding, this stock has awesome management..prospectus needs to close then were golden...as the ceo said, 2013 will be a year of huge growth for this stock...i expect over 50 cents by may or higher

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In your opinion, what would really spark the price of this stock?

I've been researching its management and it looks like an attractive investment opportunity.


Thanks for any info

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MIT SIGNS deal with egypt government...will be official feb 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Toronto, Ontario – February 20, 2013 - Mint Technology Corp. (TSX Venture: MIT) (“Mint” or the “Company”) Further to the announcement on January 21, 2013, Mint is pleased to announce the completion and approval by all parties and their legal counsel of the Joint Venture Agreement, Shareholders Agreement and Management Agreement for Mint ECARD JSC and a signing ceremony is scheduled in Cairo, Egypt for Wednesday, February 27, 2013. 

Mint and ECARD, a wholly owned subsidiary of PBDAC (Principal Bank for Development and Agriculture), will now proceed with the planned cooperative project to develop an integrated prepaid card system for farmers throughout Egypt. A further announcement will be made following the signing of the contracts on February 27, 2013, which will include guidance as to the project plan for execution and high level financial expectation both in terms of investment and return. 

awesome news and management is top class, plus helps when you have a billionaire on board


also raymond james has bought over 6 million shares past few months, buying everything under the sun...not sure why

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SP is down again.

I thought it might go up after the recent good news.

Whats happening?????

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