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TradeKing Broker


Pros: Inexpensive trades and good customer support.

Cons: I don't like the charts and AH only to 5:00 PM

I've been trading with them for two weeks and everything has gone smoothly.


Edit: Dec 5


On Dec 2 they experienced system problems and I have been unable to place any trades. Tonight I looked at their 'user forum' and discovered that their system problems have affected many or possibly all of their accounts. Prior to tonight I thought the problem was just with my account.


Several of the posters said they have experienced these problems on 4 other occasions and that they have had enough and that they would close their accounts.


I would avoid this brokerage. I did my homework prior to opening my account and I couldn't find any negative info. Here it is!



TradeKing Broker

Our low prices, powerful tools, high-touch service and innovative Trader Network are why we're one of the most highly awarded online brokers year after year. Switch to TradeKing today and start getting more bang from your buck.

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HotStockMarket › Reviews › Brokers › TradeKing Broker