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AIDO has alot more going than bird flu, RFID technology is the next big thing and AIDO seems to be leading the way on a couple of fronts. IMO
AIDO should crank up again!!! Bird Flu Tally Climbs as Scientists Consider Human Transmission May 23 (Bloomberg) -- The number of reported bird flu fatalities this month climbed to 13, the highest since February 2004, as scientists investigate whether the virus has undergone changes enabling it to spread more easily between people. Limited human-to-human transmission can't be ruled out as the cause of infection in seven members of an Indonesian family found with...
When you guys want a real company in this sector, look at AIDO!!!!
Next week we should see Bird Flu contracts. IMO and then up to $1.00 +
per Hana website, they have 3 manufacturing facilities in Thailand, 2 in China, and 1 in the U.S., with over 7000 employees... Could help us get our Bird flu tracking system in the orient!!!
NEWS Advanced ID Corp. & Hana Microdisplay Technologies, Inc. Partner to Supply Global RFID Tire Tag Thursday May 4, 8:00 am ET VANCOUVER, WA--(MARKET WIRE)--May 4, 2006 -- Hana Microdisplay Technologies, Inc. and Advanced ID Corporation (OTC BB:AIDO.OB - News) announced today a partnership to provide RFID tags to the automotive tire industry on a world-wide basis. The automotive industry has a global production level of approximately 700 million tires. Recently...
AIDO should have news soon and it will take-off, glta
Expert: World should mount 'pre-emptive' strike against bird flu, prepare for pandemic SINGAPORE -- The 1918 flu pandemic caught the world by surprise when it killed up to 40 million people, but experts are informed enough today to mount a pre-emptive strike against another such catastrophe, a leading bird flu scientist said Wednesday. The H5N1 bird flu virus has emerged as a possible candidate to become the next pandemic flu strain. Its unusual behavior has...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Authorities have discovered a mild form of avian influenza at a live bird market in New Jersey, but it is not the deadly H5N1 strain governments around the world are trying to contain, the state's agriculture department said. "The strain was found in a live bird market in Camden County. None of the birds in the market died from this virus, which is an indicator that the virus was low pathogenic and not harmful to humans," said a statement by New...
something big coming!!!!!
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