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Well, remind me not to hire you as my bookie. I am sure you would lose more than my money! (Its meant to be a joke)  
  Obama tours twister-ravaged neighborhood in Joplin (AP) Ok, I found where Obama is!
Yeah, I don't understand why people are complaining about where Obama is (or should be). They should look back when Hurricane Katerina happened in 2005. Where was GWB then?
Today In Stock Market History: Bear Sterns Goes Down.        
Maybe, he meant the other markets. The FTSE & NIKKEI are open tomorrow.
It all depends. Just hope the Yen doesn't fall off the earth (like the USD).
Actually, it's Sarah Palin's.
my wife
The FTSE & NIKKEI are open. The U.S. markets are closed tomorrow.
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