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I have always been against "Opening the borders". Especially to those illegals that want to come here and "live off our system". I understand, that their government doesn't want to do anything for them. Tbh, I believe it is up to the Mexican government to provide them those services. Whether they (the Mexican government) does that or not...I don't believe it is OUR problem. It becomes our problem when they come over to this country. And, think they will have it made...
Let me ask you: Do you think the economy was better or worse in the 1980's than from what we see it now? Some say that it was far worse than it was in the 1980's? I don't see how that it is even a realm of possibilities. There were fewer people standing in line at the Unemployment centres. Jobs were always around (just had to go and look). Gas wasn't spiked to more than $100/barrel. The price of a loaf of bread never touched more than $1. Am I missing something?     I...
Very good. There's nothing than getting a higher education. (When you graduate, you can become a  fully licensed Forex trader. And, hopefully by then the USD will prevail somewhat. lol)  
Man, I am glad I finished college back in 1993. I can only imgaine the tutions, board and textbooks would be now. Not to mention the percentage of Financial Aide.  I read somewhere - I can't remember at the moment where - getting into Harvard (or Yale, Princeton, etc.) will cost you more than an arm and leg. (Not that it didn't cost any cheaper.)   It makes you wonder why the college drop-out rate is almost higher than those who drop out of high school. 
Because Spread Betting (as well, as most online bettings) are illegal in the US. So, I had to open an account at Spreadco; which is located (somewhere) in the UK. Because, there they don't have to pay any taxes. I know it's a high risk. But I wanted to give it a try. I may opt out if it gets abit too risky.
Just like any bets, gotta know when to fold.
Hopefully an unfoolish thief.
I was hoping to make my Summer abit more stimulating and hopefully make some money along the way. Of course, just like anything else, there's always a catch. Mainly, it isn't for everyone. But if you are a sports bettor, as I am. And, you have a bookie, like I do. Then you are all good to go.   So, today, I signed up with an online Financial Betting site call Spreadco. It's a Financial Betting site, where you bet on what a particular sector of the market will do. Of...
  Greek debt, weak dollar send gold to 3-week peak     (Reuters) - Gold prices stayed near three-week highs late into Friday's session, as worries about Greece's debt crisis encouraged buying by investors looking for relative safety and a softer dollar underpinned sentiment.      
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