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the (+4.5) is the pointspread if you bet on $50. Another words, it's the over/under line.
Yeah, what I don't understand ...why is the stock at 37-40 to begin with? LOL   I would think Starbucks was the "Coffee Capitol"? The stock should be at least 75. lol
GOG has acquired PostRank (http://www.postrank.com/) earlier today.             
Hmmmm....interesting   That would take at least 2,000 to make that a reality. I would love to see the market have its biggest drop EVER....a huge drop of 1500!
SBUX         -   Long   BKS         -    Short
  $20 SAINT-GAUDENS       (*Coin collectors refer to $10 gold pieces as "Eagles" and $20 gold coins as "Double Eagles.")     I just pruchased this wonderful part of my new investment......GOLD!     $20 St. Gaudens Gold Coin Coin Designer:Augustus Saint- Gaudens GROSS WEIGHT GOLD CONTENT COMPOSITION DIAMETER COIN EDGE 33.436g Gold Content: 0.9675...
I think it was one of the most important man of his time. Great video!   Gave you two thumbs up!             (In this case, two sets of wonderful boobies)    
HSM and trading never takes a day off....even on holidays   So, let's buy SBUX for 45 today folks!
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