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And, don't forget iCloud http://www.apple.com/icloud/    
The name of the book is entitled: Alice In Wonderland (and the 9/11 Disaster) by David Icke.
I know, and I will go back and read them. I just got home from work.    
    Speaking of conspiracies. You heard of David Icke, right? He has a theory (not related to Financial); he would like to call "Problem-Reaction-Solution" theory. He claims that politicians always seem to "start a problem. Then react upon it by alerting the public of the "problem" they caused in the first place. Then the public reacts to what the government caused and "support" their "cause". Which they (politicians) turn around and make some (dumbass)...
Sorry, I am not "WilltheGreat". 
      My question is: Is it really necessary to have one? (And, why would it matter? I mean, I could never understand the fundamentals of having a QE3....not to mentioned we had a QE2.)
the (+4.5) is the pointspread if you bet on $50. Another words, it's the over/under line.
Yeah, what I don't understand ...why is the stock at 37-40 to begin with? LOL   I would think Starbucks was the "Coffee Capitol"? The stock should be at least 75. lol
  Yeah, my bad...just refrain my last comment. Thanks  
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