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Ate my humble pie today for being wrong on those QQQs. They came up with a vengeance. Net loss for the day 9 grand. TSLA is the saving grace at the end of the day. It has inverse head and shoulders and broke out with big volume. Expecting a gap up to 225 tomorrow with a target of 230 to 235 before weekend. It gained 8 dollars today and Naz closed at highs and looks bullish. I think it has the potential to gain 13 dollars tomorrow after being suppressed for so long to the...
yes http://www.cboe.com/products/indexopts/quarterly_spx_spec.aspx Expiration Date:The last business day of the calendar quarter (March, June, September & December).
 Good observation. Those bounces were in a normal bullish trend and did not involve current level of red at the top, long red candles, or the huge sell volume. Major players showed clear intent to exit tech and go else where. I would not bet on another bounce like before.
HSBC final manufacturing number for China came at 48 versus expected 48.5.Japan's cash earnings came up better than expected. RBA rate statement later tonight. Last time time there was no change and AUD/JPY sold off. One may expect similar reaction this time. Shorted AUD/JPY at 95.86, target 94.10 in a day or two.
Yah, just saw it. USD/JPY spiked on that number. Wondering if it would hold up there, its kind of at the peaks with low volume.Also, wondering how the market would interpret that number given they are expecting a bad number and stimulus from the chinese govt.
Mr. Top Step says, market was up something like 15 out of the last 19 April 1s. We may end up tomorrow as well but I think we will gap down and sell a bit in the first 15 to 30 minutes at least. It's not just wishful thinking though. Mr. Top Step was surprised that we did not sell off today and USD/JPY is looking weak and futures are in the negative territory. QQQ chart pattern looks bearish and traded down in the after market hours. Chinese PMI would disappoint yet again...
Thanks Ichi. I am no expert and just try to guess the best I can. While, things may not pan out in the exact short time frame, it is still okay if they pan out after taking an extraday. Yesterday, I was calling for 186 before close but we closed at 185.42 but that was okay. I held all longs into this morning and we gapped up big. Same way, I was calling for QQQ to hit 187.20 or under before close but they held it above and I m holding a lot of shorts on QQQ into tomorrow...
QQQ closed at the low of the day and looks bearish. I am still looking for 187.10 and then a bounce up, perhaps tomorrow. Looks like they held it above for 187.63 strike on quarterly options expiry.  
Averaged down and exited at break even before close I liked it, at least was able to test the luck yet cameout without loss. I ll use it on another risky trade.Made about 7 grand net profit today.
Time for power hour fast sell off, hold on!!!
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