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I screwed up today big time trying to trade. Should have just sit and watch, waiting for TSLA to hit the target 230, which would have made me 40 grand. Instead, I tried to exit and enter and guess the direction and ended up winning and losing and eventually netted 6 grand up for the day. Not bad, but frustrated with myself.
Vix climbing and market seems to be topping out here. Got out of all longs and went short here.
Going long on NFLX at 361.5.   Doing well but not like multibaggers on TSLA, exited too soon.
Thanks for the chart. I have about $18k in TSLA. I think it is a great company and has very good potential. My target for exit is about 235 but it can easily go back to 250.
Here is my trade for tomorrow that has potential to return 3 to 6 bags. Given the large amount of capital allocated for this trade, the returns can be considered as jackpot. I am a bit excited about the potential, lets hope it plays out.   TSLA has inverse head and shoulders (a mini inverse h&s inside the big inverse h&s right shoulder) and broke out with big volume. Expecting a gap up to 225 tomorrow with a target of 230 to 235 before weekend. It gained 8 dollars today...
Great job Rock, perfect analysis. I am hoping that they gap up above 225 tomorrow and test a high of 235. The move was swift and just before close without giving time to think or act. I think most of the shorts caught offguarded and a gap up to 225 would force them to cover.
Nah, I m not against anything, I am neither a bull or a bear. Just want to watch the price action and act quick. Yes, I was heavily short into  today but by the close, I was able to exit all the shorts and went long. Eating nearly 50% loss on each trade and giving up on it  is hard (its like cutting into and pulling a bullet from the leg) but needs to be done when the direction is to the other side else would end up watching them lose 100% of value and expire...
Ate my humble pie today for being wrong on those QQQs. They came up with a vengeance. Net loss for the day 9 grand. TSLA is the saving grace at the end of the day. It has inverse head and shoulders and broke out with big volume. Expecting a gap up to 225 tomorrow with a target of 230 to 235 before weekend. It gained 8 dollars today and Naz closed at highs and looks bullish. I think it has the potential to gain 13 dollars tomorrow after being suppressed for so long to the...
yes http://www.cboe.com/products/indexopts/quarterly_spx_spec.aspx Expiration Date:The last business day of the calendar quarter (March, June, September & December).
 Good observation. Those bounces were in a normal bullish trend and did not involve current level of red at the top, long red candles, or the huge sell volume. Major players showed clear intent to exit tech and go else where. I would not bet on another bounce like before.
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