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Here is some analysis I put together on Corn. Futures traders may want to take a note. I think CORN is going down in the near future.  
Thanks Cy for putting effort and doing a very good job in giving a head start for the week.   Lately, some of the seniors were not happy with me adding too many posts in this thread. I agree and apologize. This is mainly a market direction discussion thread. So, I decided to post mostly in the following thread and post here only if something is very important.   Please join and share anything you may like even though the focus is to find worthy trade set ups intraday...
Thanks Killabee. I did short tech and biotech and did well. You are right they also swing back hard. I may go long on beaten down tech and bio tech good names, if we see a turn around on Monday.
Rest in peace Bob. You were kind to all and reminded us of fragility of life and the need to have the perspective of a meaningful life while being involved in mundane activities.
Thanks Cy. I guess luck is in my favor, let's hope it continues to do so. While weekly predictions are good, a lot of ups and downs can happen within a week and predicting those accurately is essential to make profits on day to day basis.
I put some more thought into market direction next week to refine the outlook.   I think we are definitely gapping down on Monday, the question is how much? and will the selling get out of control? It is a bit hard to answer. NASDAQ volumes indicate that selling may be coming to an end on it but S&P is a late comer to the sell off party and was in full swing today. If S&P is going down hard on Monday, it would be hard for Naz not to go down, given S&P has more...
lol, I just finished writing the forecast for next week. I am indeed holding shorts into Monday, expecting a relatively small gap down but may be I am wrong and we may start with a big gap down. Volume on QQQ may be fooling me. Look at the sell volume yesterday and the follow up sell off today. Bulls gave a good fight in the morning but being a Friday did not help. The chart below shows a left shoulder and we are close to completing the head part if we gap down a little...
It looks like selling is almost done. Big volume on QQQ and closed at the lows. It left a long wick on the daily candle which implies we have to see some more downside (no more black Monday as we already saw enough selling yesterday and today) first thing in the morning. May be a gap down to 83.5 on QQQ and then a quick spike up. I m holding some shorts into the weekend with a goal to exit in the first 10 minutes on Monday. If they gap it down, they can wait for left over...
yes, and GMCR running down would have been a 2 or 3 bagger by now
If someone is looking for multibaggers on intraday short, take a look at GMCR 99 or 98 strike. It has potential to close at 95 if market tanks.
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