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bids increasing at 2 cents this morning
wow we got good news and bids at 8.5.....looks like bids have retracted, going to be tough a long to get us over that 15 cent marker gonna try and get some more shares soon, maybe put bid around 8?
from what i read, no terms were really disclosed
this stock is trading weird...even with apple still no real run and tons of dumping
2.5 gone, 3's just touched
surprised we haven't got more action today
I just bought 100k @ 2 cents...this looks too good to pass up! Thanks for the info on this
how many shares does haney want? he will own the company soon lol
seems like the asks have spread out and no walls anywhere
no wonder we can never gain past 15...every time we gain some steam, always new sellers come out....lets get some solid news out so we can move past this
New Posts  All Forums: