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can't believe the oil blood bath still, looks like the USA is teaching Putin a lesson to behave...their currency is getting killed beyond belief
tons of shares at 10.5, should be eaten up soon
Dude dont go crazy over this amigo, its manangements job to better market the company to get eye balls on us...they should be paying you for all the work u do, time for them to put on their big boy pants and start moving towards becoming more professional in terms of how they market themselves. This is a great lil gem, just need the story to be told
http://business.financialpost.com/2014/12/01/here-are-the-breakeven-oil-prices-for-every-drilling-project-in-the-world/ good read
more shares added to 14...we need new buyers to push us over, cant believe the relentless selling f me
OPEC will not pull back output, oil prices continue to get killed. Thank god we got low cost of production
Very nicely put!
could be someone just poking trying to get lower bids filled
nice late action
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