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love 2 see that...i hope to pick some more up this summer hopefully before it takes off
at least we know they are stil working on getting stuff done! will be interesting to see whats gonna happen soon
makes no sense if this was going belly up for insiders to keep buying..
nah they wont go belly up, doesnt make sense...fun ride? lol fun my ASS
800K Bid with 1 bidder? wonder who that is
lol this has been a sh1t show
if we can chew thru the RBC holdings i think we can easily get back to our normal trading amount of around 3 cents
over 3 mil sold by rbc...man what do they have 10 mil shares wtf
rbc selling again....its been mostly them forever
over 7 mil on the bid at .005, i bet most of it is td buyer again
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