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nice bids now...u can tell people are wathcing this stock bc they keep bidding at 13 and 13.5. I think once people stop selling down they will take out the 15 for good and we move higher
14.5 GONE lets eat this wall and let this run baby
damn flippers...we need GREAT news to clean out this 14-15 cent bs
seems that ppl are willing to buy @ 13 cents past few days
nice buy
lots for sale now at 13
that is very interesting, we might come out in good shape after this. I would take 10 cents and be one happy dude. But i am sure that is still ways away from hearing anything.
would of been nice to see some of those ask's @ 14.5 and 15 been the ones sold down to 13.5
nice bid at 13.5
lol well u got your wish haaa
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