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its nice to see the lil asks at each level...with any real news and lack of shares for sale, this seems primed to move.
if we get the good news we all think will get, 88k in shares wont matter...this will run and run nicely...flippers on low volume stock wont have much impact if the news is really positive.
84k volume canaccord buying everything so far
huge bid at 3 cents? when was the last time we saw that
shares at 3 cent bid have been added...seems like someone keeps reloading
holy crap he continues to buy up shares.....
I will buy some more, this seems like a lower risk play and just doesnt have any attention on it yet.
fingers crossed
makes me wonder if someone knew something with the dumping this week
how many shares were issues at that time in 2009?
New Posts  All Forums: