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nice huge block of shares, perfect time for a newbie to get a nice amount in 1 shot
cant blame ppl for fli;pping...if they got in at 5 cents almost a double
wish i had some cash left to drop on this, might be the last 2 big lots of shares availble in this for a while. 500k left at 10 cents and under...someone will take them out,
awesome, time to take out PI once and for all....hopefully no more big holders want to sell off and we just have smaller retail selling of their positions
that 8.5 will be gone today 100%
530k roughly left at 10 cents and under...then less than 125k left under 20 cents
86k from PI were snatched up with scottia buying all 300k anon sold 100k, not sure if PI
its like we can never gain traction and carry forward momentum
Raymond James dumping all morning
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