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getting all the creditors out would be awesome before the new yr...we will have little resistance when we rise
wow massive dump
i hate how ppl can trade using anon...so annoying
looks like tax loss selling
now we have anon selling today out of no where...td with a 100k buy in shares...more insider buying????
rbc buying it all...same seller all day
more volume at 3 cents...200k sold to rbc from that first energy seller...things seem to be going on, volume going up...no TD buyer today so far
lol its gonna be doody owning all the shares o/s minus the shares ppl hold on this board haaaa lets broker a massive deal baby, make us all make some serious $$$$$
nibble nibble @ 4 cent
its nice to see the lil asks at each level...with any real news and lack of shares for sale, this seems primed to move.
New Posts  All Forums: