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might buy some more today..how did the agm go for ppl who attended?
Just got back from Cancun and the sun was out in full force...but i see nothing has really changed on this play. Will think of adding more, seems like ppl will sell down to 9 cents?
Why are the A/R so large?   Overall company looks really healthy and lots of cash, can't complain
run baby run!!! lol Yeah we saw those low bids on purpose trying to get ppl to sell down, but ppl stuck with it. Not much shares now, ppl wanted in before year end but not much was sold. lets start septemeber off with a bang
when it comes to penny stocks i don't put much into charts..things can change so quick. As long as you do your research and feel the company can continue to grow and increase production with a healthy balance sheet, then thats all you can ask for with a penny stock. These guys have good management, no debt, cash in the bank and small O/S. I like this play and won't be worried about charts that show volume slowing down and price dropping during August. Thats kinda expected...
i think it has to do with little news has come out for a while and were in august, which most stocks are very zzzz unless significant news comes out
those are our weakest looking bids in a very long time
In the end we know how well this company is managed and how they continue to press forward with no debt and cash on hand, technical analysis on this play mean little to me bc i am long term. We know what we have and eventually so will the market
PI is back again...maybe with the asks spread out over 13.5-15 now and no real walls could be PI just selling off remaining shares
who the heck is credit suisse? havent seen them before, they sold big
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