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i see it was a new seller, big block still at 3
should have nice volume off the hop...did the seller come down or is that a new seller at 2.5?
need someone 2 hit the ask and begin the buyimg
with drilling starting and money coming in, could be the time we been waiting for
lol someone cleaned that up
more dumping at 2 cents
In regulatory filings, the energy company said it had $2.35 billion in debt and $1.2 billion in assets. Management said it would face a "potential liquidity shortfall" in the first quarter of 2016, for reasons including its mountain of debt and the oil crash, according to a regulatory filing. "Quicksilver's strategic marketing process has not produced viable options for asset sales or other alternatives to fully address the company's liquidity and capital structure...
oil continues to get killed...low cost-low debt producers will be the only ones to survive
woudlnt bet on it, remember that bid was over 500k friday...so unless that seller had a change of heart, will probably see him unload
time for people to bump up those bids, if we can get some volume and move up attact a buch of new investors
New Posts  All Forums: