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gotta say this stock is impressive, oil has been killed like we havent seen in years and today we hit 12 cents...only 3 off our 52 week high We are in good hands
very nice to see that 78k gone nice snow storrm in toronto today..lots of people staying home
sucks paying more for gas, but the good thing is, if invested in oil you will make way more $$$ in it than you would spend extra on gas and other items pegged to oil prices...plus eventually it will push cleaner enegry, which is best for us all
just another view on where oil is going LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices turned positive on Monday, erasing early losses after the Secretary-General of the OPEC producer group said he expected the market to bottom out around current levels. March Brent crude was trading at $49.13 per barrel by 1317 GMT, up 34 cents, bouncing from an early low of $47.57. "Now the prices are around $45-$55 and I think maybe they reached the bottom and will see some rebound very soon,"...
You got some clown on stockhouse now calling this stock a scam...how is it possible to post this?
http://business.financialpost.com/2015/01/12/were-never-going-to-see-100-a-barrel-oil-again-saudi-prince-alwaleed-bin-talal-says/?__lsa=69ba-da6e Interesting article
If management continues to deliver they deserve a nice salary...its when the company takes on tons of debt, dilutes to the tits and isnt cash flow positive is when u worry about salaries. One thing i would like to see is insiders buying, this would show me they are in it to sell off for big returns/
lol nice buy man, congrats
i hate PI, always kill our momentum
Some asks hit, decent day
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