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Can someone please ban this idiot...I have sent in more than 1 flag, yet this waste of space is still here.
Can someone please ban this joke. Thank you
Can someone please ban this immature child already? I come here because stockhouse is brutal and he is from there 10000%
The unemployment line must be long today, whoever this clown is has a lot of time on his hands...probably using the internet from his local library
PI and TD sellers, lets clean them out so we can move up!!!
on cibc investors edge there are no Q1 results posted...maybe this is why no real volume yet?
well F it...im buying more, have picked up over 50k in shares last few weeks at 10 cents and under...this will be my final buy...to be at these level with the NR is nuts
News release hasnt hit stockhouse either yet
if we go under 10 cents in the near future im loading up again..would be insane but could happen
earnings were better than i expected...this is setting up to grow nicely...yeah our price is down but small amount of shares
New Posts  All Forums: