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that is very interesting, we might come out in good shape after this. I would take 10 cents and be one happy dude. But i am sure that is still ways away from hearing anything.
would of been nice to see some of those ask's @ 14.5 and 15 been the ones sold down to 13.5
nice bid at 13.5
lol well u got your wish haaa
wow volume has dried up large and bids summer time blues lol
No reply for me yet. But within 10 days is cool with me
i have a feeling were gonna see larger volumes very soon...just feels like its ready to run again
pi still selling...how many more they got? i thought they were almost done or were done with shares on hand
looks like bid pulled and ppl probably lowering the bid bc ppl will sell down
the bids have certainly thinned out..lets hope asks remain where they are till we get news to push us to the next level
New Posts  All Forums: