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i have a feeling were gonna see larger volumes very soon...just feels like its ready to run again
pi still selling...how many more they got? i thought they were almost done or were done with shares on hand
looks like bid pulled and ppl probably lowering the bid bc ppl will sell down
the bids have certainly thinned out..lets hope asks remain where they are till we get news to push us to the next level
lots of shares to chew thru, fingers crossed for a beauty of a NR and watch them get eaten up
getting really excited over here boys…just Imagine in a years time how good we will look. People selling now will regret it, awesome time to be in this play
lol dude you are the man! Were you a privte investigator in your past life?
glad i waited for volume to dry up...gonna put a bid at 10-11 cents, if ppl are stupid enough to sell down till news comes, then im gonna wait for them lol
lets have nice buy and clean these flippers out...lets go longs!
looks like PI is still around, 40k sold from them
New Posts  All Forums: