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In 2k shares @ .175 last Friday. Currently trading around .19 on volume of 8 million today, 4.5 million last friday, after a 10 day average of 1.7 million.   FDA approves its request to file as an "Orphan Drug", and Phase 2b Clinical Trials are set for Australia in 2015.       On another note, my "Doctor" is Mark L. Rabe, the head chairman of NVLX's subsidiary/research company. He spoke very highly (no pun intended) of NVLX and the future potential this company has...
2131 calls vs 2 puts. Someone knows something?
Guys this one has been hot for the last 5 years! As a musician, I purchased their latest MASCHINE STUDIO. It is a $1000 midi drum pad that dominates the market. Check the reviews if you dont believe me. This company is taking over. They are at 5 year high, up on high volume. Im hopping on board. Great customer service too.    374 calls vs 18 puts    
Closed all positions for considerable loss. Need to play smarter. And much tighter.   Looking at OCT options for NI. Just spent $1000 on their latest model the MASCHINE STUDIO. Cutting edge technology for the music production world. They are at their 5 year high and on the rise folks.     374 calls vs 18 puts
Rookie mistake and I almost didnt want to admit it. I grabbed 2 Apr 36 C for NTAP that went through as seperate orders. Then when I went to put my stop in, I executed it as a limit order and closed my position. Nice waste of 2.5% of my portfolio to commisions.   Only reason I am humble enough to admit this is I called TDA and got 5 free trades by trying to negotiate my commission rate. Told the guy they won't be able to make any money off me in the future if they take...
Wow thats a strong move on DWA! Think its too late to hop on the train? Looks pretty clear to the 6 mnth POC of ~28.5 but its reading Overbought on all my timeframes (RSI)   Also, what are your thoughts on NFLX's Daily Divergence?
Smart, I just dont have the capital to make a dent doing that. But like I said, I learned not to gamble on OTM options.Almost should have played a more linear deeper ITM option. In case anyone is interested, I posted my charts and analysis of CLF in my Journal.http://www.hotstockmarket.com/t/277867/my-soldiers-in-battle#post_3030429 That journal is a source for me to learn from my trades, so take it for what its worth.On a very short term scale, I missed a sell today when...
Bermudan, those are all great questions! Thanks for stopping by and checking this out.   My game plan is rough around the edges right now. The general idea is check the 1 year Daily, then zoom in to a 5 min (I like seeing 5 days worth of that). I already learned (today) that it is beneficial to check the Hourly and the 15 minute before zooming all the way in to a 5 minute.    As far as indicators go, 2 of the 3 must line up for me to execute a trade, with the 3rd one...
I have some May 19 C as OTM contracts are a bit risky for my taste.
Ruger refuses to sell semi-automatic hand guns in CA due to stupid new MicroStamping laws. The government is making it increasingly harder to freely aquire firearms, which is driving the market through the roof.   Thank you very much!   Looks like SPY continue to fall off, could have had a double-bagger! Coulda shoulda woulda doesn't get you anywhere though.
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