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A few things are looking tasty right now... SYMC, F, and GE. Problem is that SYMC and especially GE trend with the whole market, and there's definitely some possible down-slide left and F just looks plain scary 
  Didn't mean to call out anyone specifically. There were a few on here and more from different news sites.
I miss the people saying $5k gold and $200 silver by next year...
Well, it can't get pinched any more, which way is it going to break...
Yea, sure 30 cent price target on a profitable company holding $2 in cash.
Glad I didn't get stopped out of my long
Easiest trades in the world. Buy under $15, sell at $16.
LOL 24 hours ago you were convinced the S&P  was going down 100 handles today... now we head higher? Now I'm worried about my longs I opened today because you are saying we're going up.
Yup, definitely no speculation with silver.   $100 an ounce? Sure. $600 an ounce? Why not...
Is that the new iphone?    
New Posts  All Forums: