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Here's my chart for the market today
Resistance from previous high was broken. We'll see. Still holding.
That's the Galaxy S5. It seems the 4gLTE is just as fast. I have not had any issues. I never enter using my phone though, only exits. I'm buying the ask or selling the bid.
Corn has rotated back to the top of the range. Would like to see 385. 
I like trading Gold. Been at it for 5 years!
I've been dabbling in gold myself. Still don't have a solid setup so playing the shorter time frame (1hr)
Corn trade still going my way. Hedging NQ long with ES short at the moment. Would like ES to stay below 47 to keep my pattern alive.  Will look to add around there and exit the long. 
Took what I could on Gold. I'm happy with it. 
I was also long overnight Gold for 3 handles and just re-entered.    and a small flip in the Yen   not of my key setups are in place so I'm just trading small size/small time frame at the moment. 
I also tried a Russell long but exited. Pattern just isn't quite there anymore.  We'll see tomorrow. 
New Posts  All Forums: