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Most actively traded price on the week at 1952 /ES +2 standard deviations from last week's volume by price range at 1965. A big pop and that would be my target for  the upside if I were trading long...but I'm not. Watching for clarity. 
Didn't want to get too greedy so I took my day trade and stuck to my levels   1:5 Risk/Reward :)
Lots of uncertainty for me at the moment.I took /ES profits on that drop and didn't hold for for 1930 as I had intraday signals showing BTD. Sitting on the this one for a minute. Trade detail - Risk/Reward 1:1 :( [[SPOILER]]
Trade micro futures at $1/tick and $7 round trip via TD Ameritrade on thinkorswim platform. 
The information is here. Search around. You'll find lots of useful information on trading. 
Been a while since I got a crack at /CL. Nice little day trade today. 
 Streaks and being on the money often can be a curse as well. I get ahead of myself sometimesand forget trades actually do go against me and pin me until I scream mercy. That's when I get a loss or two that is 2x my largest win. It's occurred less frequently as Iget better over the years but it's still something I always have to be on my toes for. As you know, like anything in life, it's all about balance. 
 Price did move against me but it didn't come close to my risk so I waited.You just never know what's going to happen, so you must be patient. 
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