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 You know what to do...hedge!
Meat products have been on a tear the past 2-3 years, but especially recently. 
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Hahahaaa true
 Yep. I lost corn, wheat and soy trades. Supposedly a record crop this year. big supply = lower prices
I haven't seen that either :/
You can enter futures options positions in the electronic session (after hours) but I'm not sure about actually trading them. The liquidity is extremely thin.  You can trade regular futures positions in the electronic session. Gold, Copper, Yen and S&P futures are usually ones I check out in the electronic session.    To make sure you have the electronic session on, click the wrench icon at the top of your chart and click on the futures tab. Make sure show extended...
I'm confused. I don't even see the ticker posted  Is the ticker IDEA? 
I don't know if it's the best but paper money has level II. There is no free version. There is either paper or money accounts.  The platform and data are free. 
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