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 Yeah, still holding. 
Low of 344 up to 356
Fun little gold trade last night
Nearly top ticked the short in /ES. Covered near the low this morning and then went long on 2 contracts from 99 to 97 (waiting for stats to update before posting). Not bad. I'll take it.    Updated reversal 
 yeah...345 lol
 I have potential longs at 645-648. Watching...
I think stops are good, just not trailing stops. First, you need to know how much you are willing to risk. You also need to know what your chart looks like when your reason for entry is no longer valid. First thing that happens is your pattern gets broken, You can exit then for a small loss and reassess or you can put in your stop at x amount and wait. I rarely put in a stop right off the bat. The only time I do that is when I want to sleep well. Then I put it my max...
But I wanted to make 1MM as quickly as possible 
It'sNice trade. A trailing stop may take you out when your play is still valid.
No. Not for binary and I don't suggest scalping :)
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