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Bummer...I'm on serious autopilot right now using thinkorswim.  No coding or scanner, just trade it when I see it.  The excitement is non-existent. A trade is a trade is a trade. 
Never heard of it, Z. 
Exiting Corn trade at +1 tick. Reassessing the action.  Still in Soy and up 4 handles. High of 20 handles...
Use this thread: http://www.hotstockmarket.com/t/222131/nus-nu-skin-enterprises-inc
Can you describe what you've tried so far? What screen are you looking at?
My strategy is the same in both accounts. I've just gone on a hotter streak in this one. 1-2 lots is what I recommend for almost anyone. I often trade 1-2 lots. In fact, my corn and soy trades that I currently have going on both 1 lot trades so far. The primary risk I encounter is psychological risk, which has taken many years to conquer. So I don't feel I've been too risky in building this account. I've had both the chart edge and mental edge cooperating together....
While there was a gapdown, I don't think it was significant. Probably looking at rollover.
 1) How much it's going to cost you2) The result in your account with that amount subtracted3) same as above The buying power for stocks and options is different based on leverage allotted. 
 I pretty much just throw darts 
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