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 Buying the lows there would show an unbalanced profile with a lower poc. Then you would see price dip below that (1's), hitting stops before the move up. 
They're known for missing data but that's not an issue for everyone. 
My vote's for...you guessed it...Arab Spring. 
 I believe those are lyrics to a Billy Joel song. Nice try, Mark. 
Remember what Ukraine had to do with the market?  Neither do I. 
 He said five - five and he flashed two, 2's instead. It's kind of strange. 
 While I can see your argument for strong buying, it would be on low volume. My interpretation is weak handed day traders that are long getting their stops pegged.This is typical on a string of 1's like that, with a reversion back to the POC.This was after a 10 handle down move (lack of supply by the time price got to those levels)
Risk is more important than profit. Post your live drawdowns in this thread Been up 1200 in gold and down 1800. Currently down 790.  Risk on the Yen almost hit 500 so far. 
 Because he smokes a lot of weed?  
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