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smart cover indeed
^Guessing everyone did sleep on it. +1.72 on the day
/es cover triggered
Don't sleep on this
If anyone is interested in trading Coffee but not futures, check out the ticker JO in your charting program. 
Back and forth action slightly heading north that I'm taking advantage of
Once you find your instruments that you prefer, you need to mark on you calender when each contract expires so you don't get stuck entering into a contract right before rollover (which I've done several times). As far as finding the instruments that you prefer, there are the standards: Gold, Oil, S&P, Russell, and Nasdaq. Some may say the bonds are also a standard but I just have never done well with them. Then I add in my grains and softs: Corn, Soy, Wheat, Coffee for a...
Looks like a press release prior to the gap (after hours) and dividend payout.  Think you would have had to have been following the company to predict it and get in before the release.  As a pure strategy trader off of technicals, I never make those types of plays but sometimes I may get lucky and my strategy gave me a correct signal that worked in favor the the release (by chance).    Read the press release...
 :( no I don't expect it lol I wasn't posting much because I was only generating a signal or two for the past 2 or so months. I didn't have much to add.Started trading a new strategy and trades started triggering so I actually had something to say!
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