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Welcome to HSM, HONGKONG
@Solution TX - Thanks TX! it's just a programmed strategy I have on auto using thinkorswim. Can't really say much more than that.  I can tell you it's fairly simple though. Nothing too special. 
Russell long closed
Ichi Futures - Update   Style -75% Range trader 25% Reversal Trader   Entry -Pattern/Volume    Risk Management - Hybrid - Fixed Max $ + Condition based, whatever comes first.   Trade Management -All in / Scale out   Charts Timeframes     -Week, Day, 20min Instruments     -Agriculture         -Corn, Wheat, Soybeans     -Metals         -Gold     -Energies         -Oil     -Softs         -Coffee     -Indices         -S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000
Indices remain ranging while volatility remains in an uptrend and grains are in a downtrend.  That's pretty much all I have besides my daily flipping of Oil futures. 
covered short
Thanks guys! I have a Russell Futures long going as well but didn't post it yesterday so didn't care to follow-up on it. But it's still going...
^that was a nice buy and then a nice short triggered. Waiting for close confirmation
Another solid trade. 
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