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I'm not really good at these polls but this one was an easy one, IMO. 
@likwit Please do not create multiple threads for the same stock. Only one thread is needed. Thank you!
Welcome Ritz! This is the place to be. 
Welcome! Your story is typical of almost every trader. Thing is, most run out of money before they can fix their psychology and beliefs about the market. Glad to have you here. 
Merry Christmas, everyone! Cheers to a great 2015. 
I also used the same strategy in ZN (10 year vs 30 year) but with less volatility
Right on, P. Seems a bit risky though...no?
Oil Futures contracts on the year... Getting better at this beast. It used to kill me!   2 losing contracts 3 breakevens 7 winning
Thanks, Cy! Merry Christmas 
Simple yet effective short term reversal trade on a 1hr ZB chart. 
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