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haha, right on, guys! I'll see if I can fit it in today after my workout :)
Welcome to HSM!
I don't see any crazy stuff going on. I trade prices and patterns. I stick to that. Everything else is noise to me.
 I scale in and out frequently. Just one contract here and my pattern is still intact so no need for me to exit at the moment. 
Here's my chart for the market today
Resistance from previous high was broken. We'll see. Still holding.
That's the Galaxy S5. It seems the 4gLTE is just as fast. I have not had any issues. I never enter using my phone though, only exits. I'm buying the ask or selling the bid.
Corn has rotated back to the top of the range. Would like to see 385. 
I like trading Gold. Been at it for 5 years!
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