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I also tried a Russell long but exited. Pattern just isn't quite there anymore.  We'll see tomorrow. 
  morning giorgio
@supratraders   Got my buy in Corn about an hour ago...
Oh yeah, nothing for me :/ Watching ES, NQ, GC, NG, CL
I'm not trading corn right now. Doesn't fit my strat at the moment.  I'm waiting for something to pop up. 
 Lets hope so.
Maybe that person didn't know what they were talking about :/ Corn is $1,650 and mini corn is $330 per contract
Very cool! Sounds like you have a good thing going. mini corn/wheat is at $330 per contract and mini soy is at $660. 
 For futures, it's around $3.50 per contract total. It's split between the commission + ecn fees but it comes out to around 3.50 per contract. Some instruments may be less. If you're doing volume, you'll get a lower rate. I did around 400 contracts per month and got $2.50 per contract ($5 total for in/out). Obviously not the best but I love the platformand their coding. 
 @supratraders Glad to have you here! I believe the minimum account size is $500 but margins in futures are around 2k+ for Currencies and Grains and 4k+ for Indices, Energies, and Metals per contract.  You've coded indicators or automation strategies? I trade with 2 indies, each of them I coded. Nothing really too special. I trade 1hr, 4hr, daily, and weekly charts. The hardest part to overcome was the psychology. 
New Posts  All Forums: