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 Thanks. Sometimes they go and sometimes they don't. Glad it worked out. 
No...trade is posted right above your post (#252)
I was thinking you were trading livestock futures . Nice trading. 
The way things are going right now I won't be trying any shorts on the nasdaq futures until 4140-4180
 Yeah losing is not a big deal. Losing big is! Anything under 1k and I'm happy. That's 1:1. 
For transparency...-$325 in the /NQ short.Trade didn't work out this time...that's how it goes.  [[SPOILER]]
Sorry Cy...been completely swamped. Guess I'll have to donate. 
don't have one. I will exit when the pattern is broken. Pretty cut and dry for me.
I'm short Nasdaq Futures 4012. Want a reversion back to 3900. Crossing fingers. 
 I don't know. I just play my strategy. I don't really bother with fundamentals although I am aware of the supply in the market.  Bottom ticked this one. Took $0 in heat! 6 day swing long. 
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