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While there was a gapdown, I don't think it was significant. Probably looking at rollover.
 1) How much it's going to cost you2) The result in your account with that amount subtracted3) same as above The buying power for stocks and options is different based on leverage allotted. 
 I pretty much just throw darts 
Not bad, wolv. My only suggestion is to take off all of those indicators except one. 
Pull up a daily - ES is still in this range. I'm guessing we break the range. First target is 1925
 I agree. Nothing out there for me. I have swings going in Corn and Soy. Would like lower prices in Yen Futures. That's about it. 
Cy, you got this stuff down!   That'd be cool if we had some automated message that reminded everyone a week in advance. 
Yeah, scaling into Soy now...but holding corn for the time being. Will add as low as 960 (soy)
 I lost about 2 hours of sleep catching that move...
Missed out on about 2 hours of sleep letting this one play out!
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