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Welcome to HSM!
 I don't know about Corn but I'm giving Wheat a try for a short to medium term bull swing.As always it could still go lower. Not a solicitation to buy or sell ;)
I'm pretty stoked. I usually shoot for 1.5:1 - 3:1 and up to 5:1 is pretty insane but 43:1? Wow...super super lucky the cards fell just right for me this month.  Hope they turn over in a similar fashion next month as well. 
My best month ever...   43:1 Profit Factor...still can't believe I pulled that off.  Also, with a 83.3% win rate. Profits below shown in ticks ($10-$12.50 per tick)
didn't post in here but via PM day traded S&P Futures down and then up this week  [[SPOILER]]
Bullish day indeed but nothing worth my interest at the moment.  new monthly cycle starting in a few days. I'll wait until then. 
Good luck Arthur!
I have Looney futures on watch.  Looks bullish going into tomorrow. 
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