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Wow.. this one took a dive after a few days of my absence. Maybe it was like SPNG all along. I concede to the naysayers. Still skimmed 30% when it was up. Congrats to profit takers. Never place trust in a penny.
You have an MBA from Harvard and you put your money in penny stocks?
Quote: in regards to your...... "not looking like spng fiasco" please look at june 8 and june 9 on the sponge chart compared with yesterday and today on the srsr chart. very similar if you ask me and could be leading off to an even larger selloff very quickly. All I am saying is if it runs up anymore, please consider profit taking, then buy back in at a better price. I disagree. The charts do not look as similar. The run up on SPNG was much shorter than...
Dammit. Should've bought in on my own advice.. 100% gain today.
Don't get your hopes up on this one. This is a pump and dump scheme.
Probably because it was so overbought and there were a few shorts in the mix. This is not looking like a SPNG fiasco, it looks like mere consolidation and still has plenty of long term potential imo.
stochastic indicates oversold. candles looking bullish. if we don't see a reversal tomorrow i'll be surprised.
Any of you guys have trouble getting your orders filled? E*TRADE is telling me I have to call to place my orders.
Resistance @ .20. Little bit of pullback and fighting.
Nice opening.
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