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This stock is freaking Charlie Brown. They beat estimates yet dropped. What I'm looking at is the fact they're paying down debt rapidly. Check out their balance sheet - it's impressive how they've dealt with the debt.   The old management sucked and when they brought the current guy back, he totally cut costs and vowed to pay the debt down.
Awesome. I'll have to research it! Many thanks.
I feel this stock will raise its dividend if they keep rocking the earnings - some high percentage dividend stocks have low/negative earnings = a cut or ceasing its dividend - I believe PDLI will do the opposite....
Bought more SAVW at .0001 - I love it!!!
Wowee! How low is this going to go? It has to be a hedge buy at some point (not a long-term hold but if it drops to $2 why not?)
A look at what?
He got the joke. Yay.
Read the statment I made again - then consider how it relates to the type of company Bravada is.
So you believe this stock has legs to run? he he he.   I've been in on this stock for a while also....
Totally awesome. Many thanks!
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