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Quote: Originally Posted by Fink For a stalker you were late to this one. But its all cool. maybe it will snap out of the consolidation with news. Its holding pretty well along this line. You looking to buy in on the story? HLNT show up as a pinch play or you still following me around? Whats so weird about scoreing 200+% and then roll into qasp, our fav stock, to score another 100%? Yea weird. Okay I have a load of both. Free in here and up 100%...
low share structure too.. gambling site going live by Wens/Thurs.
of course i picked them two hoping you guys were dumb enough to listen, cause i cant stand any of ya. jealous asses is what u r..up 16k this month. kinda slow for me
dillution pig
FDMF has a bad history from the oil spill PR. ill stay away from that play
called it @ .30 for these guys. .60-.70 this week minimum and RMCP is another one that will likely double this week from current prices. JMO
Quote: Originally Posted by o7media LOL at M8kin_Fails picking a stock that's already a multi bagger to double by the end of the week... You should lose any credibility that you don't have anyway just for that dumb comment. 100% take it or leave it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rock Sexton LOL ....already up from .05 to .36 ...... its gonna double from here this week. JMO
Quote: Originally Posted by OldFart ok so what's the next big one?... ill be nice. WLGC..but the theory is not picking just how they move. consider WLGC a gift.
i learned that in my first 6 months. once i make some more big money i may start selling that theory to people who cant figure it out themselfs like you. im done now. let ur nuts drop and do a pick contest, ortherwise ur a big talker Betty Crocker.
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