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I played with LVS a bit, however gaming stocks make me nervous. LVS made me decent profit, however it can just as quickly make be broke.
I bought in at 1.90 today, just finished jumping for joy Got a bet with my friend who says I can't average gains of 20% for one quater (from july to november) this trade put me at 5% for the month, and it's still the 1st!
I'm glad I didn't buy any AIG stock I made a pretty profit off it a few months ago then thought "Banks too risky, i'm getting out!" So i'll buy it when goes to 1.00 float it back up to 1.50 sell and then watch it R/S again!
What happened with AIG? Last time I checked it (a day or so ago) it was like 1.50 now it's $20 Curious on how they can happen overnight.
You guys are going be really jenously of what I'm about to say. If I wanted to just live, as in just the bare requirements I could have shelter, power, water, food etc & internet for about $300 a month. Although I spend more like $600 a month. If you include payroll (i have an employee that I pay) $1,200. Not too shabby, but granted cost of living here is CHEAP!
I think this stock may be somethign to watch today, I have about 15 stocks I've been tracking. All of them ahve dipped besides this one. It has risen by about .40, considering getting into it. Going do more research first though.
Your right, it will need tweaking here and there I expect. Hoever the rough idea is this For the first 16 or so months invest all of my earnigns into the stock market. Come the 17th month start taking 50% of monthly profit out. Reinvest another 50% begin saving up a nest egg, possibly using said nest egg for low risk investments. My goal is by the end of the year to have made taken my current $500 and turn it into $1,500.
I spent all morning coming up with a plan to basically make myself self sufficient in 24 months with investments. The plan is fairly simple, and follows several basic rules 1. Don't invest anything that I can't afford to loose 2. Check stock market daily 3. High risk at start, reduce risk as time goes on Goals 1. To be self sufficient in 24 months 2. To enjoy life more, weekends here I come! Strategy, I already have $500 in the stock market, we are going...
So you've spent about $15,000,000 and your posting on a board like this? I don't forseen an individaul posting $15,000,000. Congrats you've made $615,000
Quote: I know this is off topic, but does anyone know where the GM thread went ?.. Maybe penny stocks, since that's how much GM is worth! Just a joke from a car sales man.
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