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Catching up on some biotechs:   http://www.thestreet.com/story/11166445/6/10-cheap-biotech-stocks-that-could-soar.html   http://www.thestreet.com/story/11171001/1/biotech-stock-mailbag-ranking-cheap-biotechs.html   The stars seemed to have aligned for CYCC, here.  Stock offering news today beat this down to a new 52-week intraday low, but not a new low close (resilience?)...  Now they have cash to finish out their Phase III trial which is the sort of...
I hope some peeps got in on the ACUR and EXAS breakouts!  "Something" has come up and I'm out of town indefinitely.  I won't be trading actively until I return home, but good luck traders.
Wow, that is impressive, nice work!   Yeah, I haven't decided on this.  I don't really want separate savings accounts, but I'm not sure where to put the other budget savings...
CSCO accumulation down here seems like a no-brainer to me; I think it's worth a few tries even if you get stopped out at new 52-week lows.  The EPS and P/E divergence accompanied by a FALLING price has me intrigued.    
Well I couldn't think of a better way to "spend" my 3006th post than by reviving my own thread.  Yes, I have no shame.  Later this year I plan to open my first Roth IRA (self-managed), so it's time to get back in the game. I will still favor FDA plays aka biotechs with impending FDA catalysts (PDUFA, Panels, etc.), but I will also look at some pinch plays and a few scattered (GASP) buy-and-holds. FDA Plays For starters and time being...until something changes...I...
  Can I get some low-26's?   Right.    
He's referring to a stop-loss order on a short position, for protection aka capital preservation.  Think "the opposite" of a stop-loss order on a long position which would be a sell-stop below the current price.  On a short position, the stop-loss order is a buy(-to-cover) order and is placed above the current price.  Hope that helps.    
O'Keefe is only President of the Penn Foster Division of the company, not the entire company aka CEO.  That's on the Form 4, too.   On another note, I'm wondering if the REVU setup from last week is more reliable due to the capitulation or panic selling that took place; the same thing happens when markets bottom ('87, '98, '09).  I tweaked a scan and found these possible capitulating pinchers:       Maybe MITI & DYP.  
You might want to add "sub-penny" to the title of your thread.   And, oh boy, I might add.
It states a $0 pps on the actual form 4 at sec.gov...   It's compensation or an options award, etc.
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