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Nice, Hit 9.68 today. Cant wait tee see how she goes. Has a book value of over $23 a share. Great long term stock. I would love to have been able to buy more when it was in the low 7's.
NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Shares of many financial companies bucked the downward market Wednesday, managing to eke out gains amid strong second-quarter results by a mortgage insurer and as their stocks moved to recover from steep losses earlier in the year. "Financials have been really strong lately," Raymond James analyst Anthony Polini said in an interview. "They're still recovering from very low levels. Some large-cap banks are making it close to the prices they closed at...
Cant really say anyone is surprised by this.
You should, since they are now up to over $15 a share
I hear they are releasing their earnings on the 30th. Hopefully good things.
Quote: Originally Posted by CALHawk01 Is anyone watching this? Increase in volume. The ONLY one that watches this stock is stockbuzzusa.
Quote: Originally Posted by wethepeople777 This thing is coming back alive, anyone know much about this stock? Yeah, I know my dumbass bought this sh_it for .43 a share and now its .0005. Thats all I really need to know.
Nice stock. Bought in around at .04 and sold around .11. Only a few more penny stocks to get rid of.
This stock has been projected to hit $18+ a share in the unseen future. This stock is best in class, IMO. This is a longer term. I dont really do the "day trading" like everyone else seems to do. Cant go wrong with this one for gains long term.
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