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.021 x .022 thats a little more reasonable.. I think we'll pick it up soon.. give it a breather
Quote: Originally Posted by aquabug222 Congrats to everyone who was in this long before me! much appreciated.. congrats to you as well! don't forget this is only the beginning!
Quote: Originally Posted by trader2525 this is long over due...i think this time around news should be forthcoming more often and we can make some real gains... I agree.. if they know whats good for them we'll be getting more frequent PR's for sure.. theres a boatload of info to keep shareholders informed about.. I know they say don't fall in love with a company .. but hey since I did it.. I'll say MLXO was a damn good one to fall in love...
when we bust the 200day sma watch out!!
it's about time this happened .. MM's trying to stall.. bids gotta come up or ask down ... I'm putting bets on .03's by after lunch
Quote: Originally Posted by ratdaddy7 whats the l2 look like???? .021 x .024 1x1 theyre messing around now .. one trade took out .023 (5K) ohh.. now .021 x .025 1 x 3
come on bid support.. .021 x .025 is not going to do
.03 coming up... then next stop .05
.023 on the ask... pretty thin to .03
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