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That sounds great. But I disagree with the phrase God's Country. Quote: Originally Posted by 2SHEA Retired Independent contractor/Owner/Operator...48 states operation...34 years on the roads of Gods Country, aka:America...lived in 5 states... Recently moved back to Ks.from Id...4 grown children...Ages 38, 36, 22, and the yougest is 19...2 boys. 2 girls...8 Grandchildren I'm amazed that you have'nt heard the term "Gods Country" before! Or, didn't know...
How relevant. Quote: Originally Posted by Techunter http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/new...cle5042571.ece I have always believed in family first and take care of your own. It appears Obama doesn't include in his personal philosophy his Spread the Wealth Around nonsense. It is also evidenced by his tax returns showing miserly donations to charity - down right shameful! He talks the talk, but, doesn't walk the walk. An empty suit by any...
I didn't lose anything. I'm happy to live in a Democracy and not a Theocracy, as you seem, to prefer. The Constitution is fatally flawed. You know that. Such things should evolve with time. If you try to cling to old ideas, and old policies, it only leads to disaster. Quote: Originally Posted by Techunter mmm...Jaz & poorTrader02 = bad choices = votes for Obama "Constitution is fatally flawed" aka Soetoro = Risks loss of constitution & bill of rights...
2SHEA, could you explain to me your location? 'God's Country' Are you an American? Quote: Originally Posted by 2SHEA You STILL don't get it ....do ya?......... I never said a word about you stating that "all republicans are more religious". BWAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA.... you crack me up!
Stumping with Joe the Plumber could be the 2nd poorest choice by McCain thus far, next to the obvious #1, which doesn't need to be mentioned.
People like Techunter = Problem with America = Dying breed
Lots of small minded thinking in here. Hmm wonder why both coasts are completely blue ? Oh maybe it's because that's from all the educated people heading to the big cities to get good jobs and get away from the bullshit ideologies of bible-belt america.
This is getting so old. I can't wait for this thing to be over.
You really have lost it haven't you? How can you be so angry all the time? Get over it. Obama is going to win. Maybe if you start therapy now, it won't be so hard on you when he is re-elected in 2012. Quote: Originally Posted by Techunter Although I consider it revisionist, by their own words, they say they are the same party - unchanged in a changing world: http://www.democrats.org/a/party/history.html Slaves... nice touch. We N**gers ain't the...
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