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Quote: Originally Posted by JOHNNYBOO Ottawa vs Montreal tonight baby!!-- already have me brewskies on ice beside my lazyboy gonna a be a good one.. Sh*t I didn't realize Heater was back---oh well Komi will crush him this is a must win for the habs if they want to have a chance to win the east IMO I bet you 1 share montreal wins which could = .15 very shortly We will see! I am excited to watch it for sure... seems to be when the sens are...
Quote: Originally Posted by JOHNNYBOO Cool I love visiting Ottawa got lots of friends and relatives there, used to party there alot...thought I was the only canuck in this.... on that note LET'S GO HABS!! HABS! no way go SENS ! We have been playing so weird lately though, but glad Heatley is back... wait till the big line is re-united when Alfie has recovered and watch out!
Quote: Originally Posted by JOHNNYBOO Who dat?? other alias please johnny I never noticed but your from North Bay ON? I live in Ottawa
It's alive! Finally an investor communications guy! I am so happy
Quote: Originally Posted by G_Ho he and southpaw have spent the past 2 weeks giving each other reach arounds. ...
hey anybody know what happened to ratdaddy? He was one of my best 'buds' on here, haven't seen him in forever, know he's still got a ****load of shares though!
Quote: Originally Posted by SRT8 Oh my...just our luck...he said that he was gagged....damm
Quote: Originally Posted by SRT8 I talked to the head of my church and he said that he would try to make contact for us after bingo and find out why..!!! Oh thanks! Good DD
someone is buying, god knows why, but someone is buying
good.. Ron Paul is an idiot
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