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July options were winning lottery tickets a few days ago.
DRYS P/E is sitting around 4.5......Amazingly cheap. Are people betting demand and rates are going to substantially drop?
I hope that $88 figure was the right point for a bounce, because that looks about where we are gonna open.
I think we end the day just north of $96.
If anyone masters the short term movement of this stock, they will quickly be a millionaire. This stock swings 10% on a daily basis.
Bought 10 Jun 115's for $1.90....
Quote: Originally Posted by G_Ho how low can we go? $95.09?
Hey don't be too upset about another workday, Monday is a Holiday!
Considering everyone already knows about the 3G, I doubt it makes a huge impact one way or the other unless there is a major surprise in the announcement.
The problem with a pullback is, if they went back to their lows from a few months back their PE would be under 4 with a revenue and earnings growth of 100%. As big of a run-up as these stocks have had, they are still crazy cheap. Not that a major dip in the market won't pull these stocks down or that reduction in the spot rates could do the same. But damn, these shippers are running at near capacity and the lead time to adding new ships is long so competition is...
New Posts  All Forums: