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looks fantastic now - charts show setup for a nice run
The chart shows a clear bottom on which it's been staying steady there a few days. Now looks ready to move up. The company is expected to gain imminent FAA approval for its flame retardant paints. Their product is in high demand and one can expect a series of contracts to follow government approval.
It's formed a doji and most other signs point to an upward reversal. I'd expect to see a nice climb up starting.
Will, I'm not sure there'll be any major storms this year. There weren't for many years before the last two. There won't be a selloff this morning but you might want to take advantage of that. jmo and hope it goes well for you - just want to help you avoid a sticky situation, you've given all of us here a lot of great picks. The storm season doesn't seem to be underway- Thank Heaven. I'd rather lose a bit than have those storms.
I agree with Chan's great advice. That said, I'll share my rule of thumb that will give you some ideas of what not to do: Only buy if you're almost certain of the direction of the stock - if not buy the stock and sell calls on it every month (selling covered calls is something everyone should consider doing). If you know the stock will move significantly - and key words here are "know" and "significantly" - then buy equal numbers of calls and puts. Always buy with...
CBCL This is great news because the merger is officially complete, making CBCL a viable company, ready to gain serious WiMax contracts just as HBLN Services has already. Sprint and other major careers hire such wimax contractors for their network and some like Red Wire have already dealt with HBLN Services (now part of CBCL). CyberTel Capital Releases Audited Financial for HBLN Services Which Completes the Acquisition of HBLN as a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Cybertel...
Quote: Originally Posted by chan First 2 days a much needed pull back but there will be some continuation. I had started the process late Thursday, only expect a couple of days. Monday will be crazy after expiration due to options exercised. Not a good day to play if you don't know what your doing. Small gains would be expected, but overall? Neutral. there is still room for a bit of upside after a day or two of small pull back. As far as Ford, your...
Quote: Originally Posted by chan If you could get the JAN/62.50 below 5.4 That would be a plus. Only has a delta of .56 So every dollar the stock moves option only moves .56 So in retrospect you expect a 3 point move to the upside you only expect the option to move a 1.50 Ya ya i know the delta will increase but you have to have a general Idea where your going to be. at the 3-4 point gain, so if it pulls back you won't lose those gains. Sometimes I...
Great idea - especially F
On his site thestreet.com you can get recaps of what he's in. For what it's worth - which ain't much imo (he may be a good fundamental analyst but that doesn't work for short term picks).
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