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Long term trend is still up, just a minor consolidation before trying to break out the 10.28 level again . Switch over to weekly chart and it paint a different picture. Weekly stochastic is ever so strong and price movement is trying to form nice W pattern.
Just b/c $10 is a even number its not support.  Support was broken once it blew below $14, its free fall now.
I'm keeping my eye on FST.  Nice cup and handle formation w/ 20% of float short, but earning is tomorrow after the bell.
its gunning full speed down to $16 like I thought earlier.  I might buy some calls in the next few days.
Looking at those dojis candles, its looking toppy here. A nice pullback to $16 would be nice forming a good higher low on the daily chart.
Nice breakout move on nice volume today!.  But I'm still in the red, my cost basis is much higher , but its long time hold in my retirement. I might sell some calls against it.
The trend on the weekly stochastic is so strong, my bet is it's going to breakout that $13.50 resistance next few days and all the short will cover.
The XLF doesn't look too healthy now.  I think it could break the $17.75 support.  So yeah, that $11 could be a reality and possible buyin price .
^ Thank you for the charting insight, which I can also apply to other reads of other stocks.  I stuck with my initial plan by placing an advanced order of $6.68, above the congestion.  
I've been watching and waiting to hop on this for a while, but don't want to catch a falling knife.  I placed an order .08 above $6.60 resistance for an entry. I also might play this when it double bottoms at $5 bucks...but might be little more risky.  
New Posts  All Forums: