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I think payroll are worth more than CPI at this point. We all know the fed can't bash the dollar much more without running the risk that OPEC countries start to switch to euro's. People will be watching for signs of a turn around in jobs that matches market sentiment the last two weeks. When they don't get it the numbers will cause a fall. CPI will just be the icing on the cake proving I believe that inflation is still "lurking".
Quote: Originally Posted by S01Trader I am going to be very careful next week, with all the college kids off for spring break. With the market moving so fast on low volume, they could have a big impact. So be careful and get ready to see when the big time players jump in and which way they are going. This market moves very fast on next to no volume. Just something to watch for. Huh? Are you suggesting the market is moving on low volume due to...
Staying in cash myself going into the 3 day weekend. Not expecting any easter miracles.
Sounds like a high stakes game of musical chairs.
Full point? No way. 50 bps is my call. They already pumped liquidity in with their 28 day lending program from Tuesday. Report this morning shows inflation lessoning a little. Cutting by a full point would be reckless same with 75 after the 200b injection. I see 50 bps as a way to lower rates even further without giving inflation a green light to start up again.
Go Go News Bot!!! Whoohoo!!!
There will be fluctuations no doubt. But the trend is still down. Wouldn't it be great if the fed didn't cut or even raised rates?
When did we get a news bot?
Get a pic of him with the hook hand.
Net short is still a good place to be if you don't mind the fluctuations.
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