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Quote: Originally Posted by coldwind Only bag holders think "long term" Traders think "flipping" Investors don't touch pennies Profound.
Quote: Originally Posted by Z-OldEurope Now full working. www.stockcharts.com www.bea.gov www.marketwatch.com www.cboe.com
Quote: Originally Posted by Internationalstocks Of course.. They will claim losses from the oil spill expenses that they had to pay for. The question now is, how many quarters of loss will the spill actually cause?
Quote: Originally Posted by Norlan heh, i don't trade on that "hope", just trying to figure out where the business activities, where the catalysts and incenstives are going so that can help to see the overall picture of the economy clearer Got it. Its not coming from housing. It's not coming from CRE either. There is no domestic job creation. And the entire Gulf coast is either covered in oil or has tarballs washing up. So the entire...
Quote: Originally Posted by Norlan true, thats y im only "hoping" that this could keep up, it takes time to consolidate a trend which i dont expect it to be strong and long at this point. But it's interesting and more important to note the incentive behind it, especially without tax credits, perhaps people have looked past the euro situation? salary raise? ease of access to loans? one of those numbers must have moved up in the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by i_am_so_siri there have been plenty of times i got i stocks seconds before massive jumps because of sec Say goodbye to those days! You'll now be seconds LATE!
Quote: Originally Posted by White http://custom.cengage.com/static_con...ata/index.html Watch all of these videos. I think I can knowledgeable speak about economics after I watched all of them. Money dude. Thanks for posting this. That's a lot to watch, but there is plenty of value in watching it.
Quote: Originally Posted by philipper made some money and lost some too..... I did buy this stock at 110 $ !!!!!!!! I think it will never go back to 30 $ You're holding a buy from $110?
Quote: Originally Posted by charulz when volume starts coming in on run ups, you better believe that the smart money is getting ready to unload onto the dumb money thats been waiting on the sidelines for a "confirmation that we're going up". Currently, the sellers/weakhands are done selling, and most of the downward pressure have been on short sellers (I would say that most of the stocks are in strong hands now i.e. funds, institutions and such). The...
Quote: Originally Posted by sn0wie I must correct you good sir. If AAPL hit $270 on the 15th of August and you're sitting on $270 AUG calls, those calls would be worth nearly a dollar less at $3.50ish--with ~25% volatility assumed. With a 3% volatility assumed, your sitting at that call being worth $0.42. With September, you'd be looking at just about $8.50 on the 15th of August, with ~25% volatility. With 3% again, $1.00. Be careful if you're...
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