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This thread is a lot less active than it used to be. What happened?
Quote: Originally Posted by Norlan looks like they are gonna keep the rate of decay the same so the price at the beginning of weekly will be cheaper, but treat every week as if normal option expiration week i'll have to test it out myself and keep this thread posted I'd be interested in hearing your success/failures with weekly's.
Quote: Originally Posted by nickkov89 im reading something right now and again im getting confused, heres what it says : Selling a put is the potential obligation to buy, and selling a call is the potential obligation to sell , what does this mean exactly? im seeing it like this: Person A writes a call contract, sells it to person B, then person B sells it to person C but person C decides to exercise his right, whos responsible here...
Quote: Originally Posted by RebelT09 I got them to match Tradeking's, which definitly comes out to be a better deal than what they were offering. And thanks for the link. I was kind of hoping there were more stocks with weekly options, as I had already found all the ones they had listed. It seems to be a growing, though. No prob man. Good luck to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by nickkov89 So isn't this the same thing as shorting a stock? Yes & no. Yes, because shorting has unlimited risk. But no, because the volatility of options is vastly greater than that of a stock. For instance, last week AMZN options were trading at $0.15 in the morning. That afternoon they were trading at over $8.00. This is not a typo. A naked short on that call with sufficient # of contracts & you'd be looking to...
Quote: Originally Posted by OldFart shorting calls & puts = naked options It means you sold something you don't actually own.... Some people do it, I don't. I don't think it's worth the risk. It means that you have unlimited risk. Or that you could lose all the money in your account & then still owe more money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rossj711 Wow what a weird question! haha Remember, this section says stock market education, so whatever the OP needs to ask, this is the section for it. What is weird to one person is so, because they lack the ability or are unwilling to see things from another perspective. The guy obviously was curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by SPANKIE the sheer size and volume of trading; a few more won't be a dent I was joking. One thing I've learned about trading is that your system matters very little (of course you don't want to be on the wrong side of the trade). What really matters is your ability to overcome the emotions of fear & greed within yourself. So, Everything you need system wise is on this site, including what siri posted, but most will...
Quote: Originally Posted by RebelT09 First, I trade options on TOS and it sucks having to pay $30 for a round trip trade of 10 contracts. I compared the websites TOS lists that I can switch option rates with, but the big boys, like Scottrade and Fidelity, don't offer any better rates. I emailed TOS to see if they would match the super cheap rates at Eoption and Lightspeed, but of course they would not. Has anyone had success of getting TOS to match cheaper...
Where's tip with the dragster?
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