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Its time to stock up on GUNS, CANNED GOODS, WATER, LAND & SELL, SELL, SELL! The sky is falling! Sell everything! If you have family members you don't like, sell them too!
Quote: Originally Posted by SPANKIE Congratulations; great call on that! I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I don't have the steel guts to short yet...perhaps I should try? Why not buy puts instead of shorting?
Quote: Originally Posted by brntlk Thanks qu4rk I appreciate the support. I`m alright. It`s all part of the process. No prob bud. Just determine that you want to be in this for the long haul & not get washed out like so many others. You must first realize that when you trade in any market, the only way you make money is if you take it from someone who is losing money. Then you must realize that you are trying to take money from some of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by brntlk Cashed everything out today for a big hit. Maybe this is just a panicked media. We`ll see. I can only live with so much risk right now. Big lesson learned: Check the damn economic calendar for the coming week!! The 1st of many lessons if you survive my friend. Take some time off. Let it get out of your head. Then you'll be ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by TriggerFinger Never sold my AAPL puts, as I was about to set my stop the insanity began as the fed statement was released promptly at 2:15 yesterday and things started bouncing all over the place. Lucked out though, looks like a nasty day ahead of us and AAPL just dipped below $256 in premarket. Looks like a downpour. Anyone with calls out there, strap in, Lock & Load, the markets look to open over 1.5% down.
Someone with a funded & active Tradeking account PM me so we can both get $50. I'm about to sign up & saw the referral thing.
I think this is thin ice. This stock could very well be another JSDA, FSLR, CROX. The list goes on of stocks that you could've made 10x your money if you had just rode the trend, but everyone was shorting. Or it could gap down to $1.00 tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by i_am_so_siri only time you have to pay the divy is if your short the common shares Sweet. More on the subject if anyone is interested. http://www.theoptionsguide.com/effec...n-pricing.aspx
If I own an option of a stock that issues a dividend, then I have to pay that, right? So, if I sell my option, do I need to sell it before the Ex-Date, payable date, record date or declaration date? I'm guessing its the Ex-date, but checking to be sure. Also, I'm trying to make sure I can the option the day after the dividend. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by rando Looks to me like anyone shorting right here is trying to time the top, or catch a rising knife shot out of a 50mm mortar at close range. You could say that, but this is due for a significant pullback. Its rising like a penny stock.
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