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so what is the news we are waiting for again?
Quote: Originally Posted by asifauddin Sweet. I actually meant are you in on SOMX? oh.. not yet, same as HEB.. waiting for volume to pick up, also still doing research on both drugs to do a little risk management. You?
Quote: Originally Posted by asifauddin yup yup, on my list. Same FDA date as HEB i think. You in already tokyo? actually I was in Tokyo when I joined the board but moved back to the US in 2008, now in California, I guess I need to change that.
I also have SOMX on the FDA watch list, anyone following that stock?
good to see finally approved and that the FDA is coming in on time.. so what stock is everyone watching next?
I got out of GTBC with a small gain.. it was acting to weird.. so now I am looking for the next play.. maybe HEB but volume is low other is ALKS but maybe missed the boat on that one already. How about SOMX?
I think is not a question if it gets FDA approval, is when.. FEB 7th or a delay as FDA has a habit of doing.
I doing some DD on this one also, will let you know what i find.
1.20 max
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