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Groups Guidelines

Groups allow you to start your own "mini" forum within HotStockMarket.com.


You can create groups to discuss specif topics, run investment clubs, keep a trade journal or just to let others know what you are doing.


Creating a group:


- Hotstockmarket.com/groups is the main landing page.


Before you start, you need to be sure that you are creating a compelling group, one that others will be interested in!


- Click on "Start Group"

- Be sure to give your group a relevant name, one that will explain the activity within. Some current examples: HSM futures traders or Penny stock breakouts

- Add a description, this is also a great area for you to define the topic and expectations of the group.

- Add a picture

- You are done!



If you are a vendor for a product or service, you may not start a group unless it is pre approved by admin. No penny stock related sites, no binary option sites or brokers permitted.


Creating new threads in your group:


Now that you have your group up, you can start new threads for different topics of discussion. Unlike the main forum, you are encouraged to start new threads for new topics and ideas. You should try create informative thread titles that explain the content within.


For example: "AAPL releases a list of all its suppliers" - Good thread title thumbup.gif

Bad thread title: "AAPL stuff" yawn.gif


Private or Public Group


You have the option of making your group public or private. A public groups allows anybody to join and participate in the threads you create. A private group will require that you approve each member when they request membership.


As a group leader, you have the ability to PM all your members, promote other members to be a group leader, or ban members from participating.


Normal forum rules apply.


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HotStockMarket › site tutorials › Groups Guidelines